19 Daily Profit Projects That Only Meed a little capital

19 Daily Profit Projects That Only Meed a little capital 

19 Daily Profit Projects That Only Meed a little capital

Many young people are looking for daily profit project ideas. In this article, we have collected for you a list of 19 daily profit project ideas that do not require large capital.

It is said that starting a business is not about ideas but how to bring them to life. But new founders often find themselves battling ideas before they join the hustle and bustle of business.

You may have a bunch of ideas, but these initial ideas usually lack the right direction, and you find yourself having to switch plans. Starting a business takes determination and confidence, and then clarity about the idea.

To facilitate this process, we have prepared a list of 19 daily profit project ideas that do not require a large investment.

Handmade candles

Candles are always required, which makes this option very popular. The demand for candles may come from handicraft merchants, as it may also come from many restaurants, families and hotels that use them to create a certain atmosphere.

The raw materials used to start the project include wax, wicks, molds and strings, essential oils and more. You will also need some candle making equipment such as a melting pot, thermometer, pouring pan, weighing scale, mallet, and oven (to melt the wax).


Pickles are very popular. So if you want to get a daily profit project, the pickles project is a safe and easy option.

Incense sticks

Incense sticks are used in most Arab homes, and their popularity and demand increases during the festive season.

The first step of making incense sticks involves purchasing bamboo sticks and oils with fragrances like sandalwood, jasmine, rose, champa, etc. Then the sticks are coated with oils and dried.

Automatic and semi-automatic incense stick making machines can be used for mass production.

Once the sticks are packaged and labeled, they are ready for sale in the local markets.


Buttons are one of the most important trimming tools used in the garment industry and have huge market potential.

There are different categories in this field, starting from traditional plastic buttons to buttons made of cloth and steel, and you can choose the category that suits you or work on it comprehensively.

You can either rent a space or start at home.

Lace design

The use of lace in clothing and craft work is common. Also, a project like this is very simple because you can easily start at home.

With the advent of late fashion, the demand for different types of lace that are exported to different countries has increased, which makes this a good option for those who want to start a small daily profit business.

Laces can be designed by hand with Bobby machines, or by using machines dedicated to this type of product.


The demand for shoelaces is very high, which makes this idea seem profitable.

Shoelaces are made by weaving a ribbon and attaching a ring (the stiff part of the lace). Plain woven tape is usually made of cotton, polyester, nylon, polypropylene and so on.

Apart from the materials for the band and the ring, you need textile braiding machines that braid several meters per minute, and acetone to attach the ring to the woven strap.

Ice cream cones

Everyone is crying out for ice cream, one of the most popular desserts. The increasing consumption of ice cream has led to an increase in the demand for ice cream cones.

So if you want to start with a small daily profit project, this idea may be a profitable business option for you. You can start an ice cream cone manufacturing unit in a small space or just in your home. But if you want to operate on a larger scale with high-capacity machines, the investment cost will go up a bit.

Handmade chocolate

Whether bitter or sweet, chocolate is a mood lifter as well as an irresistible taste. So, chocolate manufacturing can be your golden opportunity.

Chocolate production will be easier with mixing, cooking, and cooling equipment, so you need to determine the type of equipment that best fits your project size, and then purchase the appropriate supplies.

Cotton swabs

The size of the cotton bud market has increased with the increase in hygiene awareness, increase in population, etc. This project will require you to source spindles, cotton, and packaging.

All you have to do is feed the raw materials into the automatic cotton swab making machines which also pack the products.

The noodles

Noodles, especially instant noodles, are a tasty and light meal. The process of making noodles is simple and only requires some basic ingredients such as wheat flour, salt, sugar, starch, spices, vegetable oil and so on.

Noodle making machines are widely available in the market. The manufacturing process involves mixing flour, starch, and baking soda into a dough and then passing it through a machine. The noodles are cut into the desired shape and size and then dried and packed.

Disposable plates and cups

Disposable food plates and cups are widely used in many countries. It is used in many occasions such as parties, picnics, etc., and it is also used by street vendors.

These containers are usually made of paper as an alternative to plastic, steel, glass, etc.

To make paper plates and cups, you can get paper from local scrap stores at low prices. The bulk of the investment goes into acquiring disposable plate making machines.

jute bags

The use of these biodegradable and reusable “Golden Fibers” is increasing day by day. With the world heading towards banning plastic, jute bag making projects are a very good option.

Different types of these bags are popular in the market and can be used for various purposes. It also does not require much effort or investment.

staple pins

Staples are widely used in schools, colleges, government agencies, offices and anywhere where paper is used. Staplers cannot work without staples, and these are usually made of white iron wire. For the pins to be strong and long-lasting, you will need to use a high-quality iron.

Automatic staple making machines simplify the production process as they flatten the round iron wire and produce staples in predetermined lengths.

Paper Industry

Paper manufacturing is a perfect idea for a low cost profitable business.

Paper is used everywhere from schools and colleges to offices and major corporations. This translates into an endless demand for this product from A2, A3 and A4 papers to small copies.

All you have to do is be wise when choosing a manufacturing location to avoid high transportation costs.

Organic soap

If you want to start a profitable small business, then the organic soap market is your ideal choice, as this product is in high demand and used by billions daily.

To start a small business in the field of organic soap, you need raw materials like glycerin, herbs, essential oils, molds, microwave and more. You can start the business from home or rent a small space. If you want to learn the process of making soap, you will find many different courses online.

Coconut oil for hair

People these days are obsessed with using natural products. Many don’t hesitate to pay a premium for quality products when it comes to health and beauty. If you want to start a daily profit making business, coconut oil for hair is a good idea.

You can start by either renting a small farmland or working with farmers in your area.

Tempered glass for smartphones

There is a high demand for smartphone supplies such as tempered glass which are manufactured in high temperature machines where the glass is heated and then cooled rapidly. Toughened glass must also pass hardness tests, fracture tests, and dimensional checks. It also contains silicone for extra protection and glue.

Envelopes and files

Even though most of the communication has gone digital, there is still a huge demand for envelopes and paper files in schools, colleges, companies, etc. Different types of paper, such as Maplitho paper or confetti, can be used based on buyers’ requirements, and you will also have to purchase glue.

When the paper is fed into the envelope making machines, it is cut into certain sizes, and then the envelope is dried after applying glue and sent for packing. You can sell these products in department stores and supermarkets or directly to schools, colleges and corporate offices.

Paper bags

The manufacture of environmentally friendly bags and packages is also a profitable daily business. It has become very popular as people have become increasingly aware of the amount of damage that non-biodegradable plastic bags do to the environment. These paper bags can be used to pack shopping goods, foodstuffs, medical items, jewelry, and more.

It is possible to start making paper bags on a small scale with a low investment and then expand the project later.

You will also need to invest in sourcing raw materials such as papers, ink, printing chemicals, labels, and so on.