Is Dealing With Freelancers Better For Emerging Projects?

 Is Dealing With Freelancers Better For Emerging Projects?

Is Dealing With Freelancers Better For Emerging Projects?

Nowadays, the number of start-ups is constantly increasing until it is more than ever before, to the extent that it has become the main engine of the economy at the global level. Launching a new project requires many essential tasks that must be done to the fullest extent for the success of the project, starting from market research and planning for the project, creating and developing its own website, designing a visual identity, developing software and applications for the project, even writing content, brand management, marketing and others.

Although you need people with the necessary skills to do the above tasks – and given the limited resources that startups usually have – it is difficult to spend a lot of time and money hiring full-time employees to do these tasks. In this case, the utmost importance arises for freelancers who can complete all your work without you having to hire them permanently or spend more time and money. But why is working with freelancers particularly better for startups?

They have the experience and professionalism necessary to get the job done

In contrast to the traditional labor market, in which stability and constancy are its main features, the self-employment market is a rapidly developing and volatile market characterized by intense competition, and therefore workers in it will not be able to keep pace with this change except through continuous learning and acquiring more experiences and skills that qualify them to seize the largest possible number of opportunities. the work. So, due to the nature of freelancing, which usually involves multiple but short-term projects, you will find that the overwhelming majority of freelancers have moved between different business projects and companies in multiple industries.

This continuous movement between projects gives freelancers sufficient experience to make them aware of the needs of different industries and understand the market you want to enter well, and even know your competitors in this market. This gives you, as a startup owner, a great and invaluable opportunity to benefit from the tools, techniques, and deep knowledge that these freelancers have collected during their work in developing and advancing your project.

In addition, unlike the usual work pattern that restricts you to the necessity of hiring employees from the same city in which the workplace of your project is located, the self-employment market does not place any restrictions on you. Rather, it gives you the opportunity to select the best competencies from all over the world without regard to geographical borders or time. Not only that, but it also gives you all the ways to verify the competence of freelancers before hiring them, by looking at their previous business models and the ability to test the quality of their work, which ultimately makes you the right freelancer to provide the best possible quality.

Low cost.. You will only pay them for the work

When it comes to cost, business owners all agree that dealing with freelancers is the most effective alternative compared to hiring a full-time employee. This applies to all business sectors and is not limited to startups alone. And because these projects were not described as emerging from a vacuum, but because of their limited resources of money and time. Relying on freelancers may definitely be the best option in this case.

We do not mean by cost here the large expenses that business owners usually incur in setting up and operating the project and providing a suitable work environment for employees, because this cost is very huge and therefore it is able to end the comparison in favor of dealing with freelancers before it even begins. But here we are talking about the expenses that the employer pays to the employee, directly or indirectly, from the cost of hiring and training the employee, the monthly salary, health insurance, taxes, even paid vacations, and so on.

But it’s a completely different matter in the case of dealing with freelancers, simply because you will only pay for the work that the freelancer performs. You will not have to pay a monthly salary, provide paid vacation, health insurance or sick leave, and you will not bear the cost of a complex recruitment process that requires a lot of time, effort and money, to the extent that it can cost you between 1.5 to 3 times the salary of the same employee, according to statistics. (1) Likewise, you will not have to pay expenses for training the freelancer so that he can complete the work, because he possesses the skills that enable him to actually accomplish it.

“Think about how working with freelancers can be good for your business,” says Will Lee, CEO of startup consulting firm Blue Whale. Say, for example, that you need a professional content writer for a specific short-term project, so it wouldn’t make sense to hire a full-time content writer. Because hiring a full-time employee would be costly and a waste of company money in this case, unlike hiring freelancers who fit the requirements of the project perfectly.” (2)

Save time.. You will receive your works as soon as possible

Getting the job done as quickly as possible is the unspoken agreement that freelancers and entrepreneurs alike make. Simply because completing the work as quickly as possible and saving time are essential factors for each of them, because the business owner wants to get his work completed quickly so that he can devote himself to his project, whether by searching for other freelancers to fulfill other project requirements, or to focus on starting the project and searching for clients and others.

While the freelancer wants to adhere to the time period that you set as the owner of the project, because he realizes that his utmost interest lies in meeting your expectations and, accordingly, maintaining his reputation and his high evaluation, which brings him more clients. He also wants to finish the work quickly so that he can tackle other work projects to enhance his sources of income, because at the end of the month he will not receive a fixed salary, as is the case in traditional jobs. In addition, freelancers are usually able to finish their work quickly because they are used to doing the same quality of work over and over again on previous projects.

Absolute flexibility.. everything will go according to your business plan

Absolute flexibility is one of the most fundamental principles on which the self-employment system is built, flexibility in almost everything from times and places of work to flexibility in choosing clients. This is why freelancers understand very well the importance of flexibility at work. This flexibility is especially beneficial for budding entrepreneurs who struggle with fluctuating workloads and the need for rigorous experience of their work in diverse fields to enhance the success of their projects.

Therefore, the flexibility of freelancers enables you to work according to your plan and the need of your project. Where you can discuss with them and request samples of their work, or request that the work be done according to your schedule even if within a limited time range, and you can express your point of view on the quality of the work, and request the necessary modifications if you see that the work is in real need for that. You can also choose the method and method of communication appropriate to the need of your project, and many other advantages.

In conclusion, cost, time and quality are the three essential factors that start-up entrepreneurs care about and look for in the employees they deal with, given their impact on the success of the project or not. So, if you own a start-up company, and you are looking for qualified people who can complete your work with high quality and low cost in a short time, then dealing with freelancers is definitely the perfect solution.

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