120 Most Business Ideas In Saudi Arabia [2023]

 What are the major projects in Saudi Arabia?

 Successful projects with small capital in Saudi Arabia (120 projects)

What are the major projects in Saudi Arabia?

Are you looking for successful small projects? In this article, you will find 120 successful projects with small capital that have been chosen with care, attention and love for you! Read it and be successful professionally and socially! The article is subject to regular updating of the content, to present the latest and most complete ideas to our dear readers so that it is useful in every sense of the word!

Small and medium enterprises are the main engine of the economies of countries, as they contribute 20% of the gross domestic product in developing countries, and rise to 70% in developed countries. For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, small and medium enterprises are the largest contributor to providing many job opportunities. Thus, it is clear why it came within the framework of Vision 2030, and among its main objectives included in the vision: Raising the level of contribution of small and medium enterprises to the gross domestic product. Specifically, the target refers to raising the current contribution from 20% of GDP to 35% by 2030.

 120 small business ideas with small capital

Successful projects with small capital in Saudi Arabia, most of which do not need a large capital, and can be a side or additional business besides the main job:

1. Designing television ideas for children (i.e. specializing in ideas for children) and then following up on specialized channels in those programs and selling them to them. There are no program specialists to cover television channels and the chance of success is great.

2. Accounting programs are among the most important programs that preserve millions of rights of large commercial institutions and companies, so each institution has enough determination to pay half a million or a million riyals to implement an elaborate accounting program that saves those millions for it, so we find that the salaries of accountants are higher than others, and the idea is to design accounting programs either by doing the job yourself and selling it, or by providing liquidity and support to design professionals.

Capital originally, the idea is to coordinate with the wedding palaces to provide and bring banquets for dinner or sweets for women so that they are the main supplier for a group of wedding palaces and at the same time coordinate with the owners of livestock and sweets as an official contractor for both parties.

3. Designing a website for car shows in your area only, so that you go to all the showrooms in your area, register and photograph all types of cars offered for sale, and then announce your activity in classified ads because they are cheap, or place boards in front of the showrooms announcing your activity to coordinate with those wishing to buy Or selling for a commission from both parties.

4. To be responsible for designing advertisements for companies, institutions, private and governmental agencies, and perhaps external ones. You may agree with designers from inside or outside. If you do not find this important in all the ideas that will be presented later, ask for help from beginner students or specialists abroad because their prices are very cheap from Syria, Jordan. Egypt, let them send you ideas and designs on the Internet, and send them their wages in the bank.

5. Bringing a maid or nanny not to serve the house but to teach the children the English language, and her specialty must be a language, and you will find someone whose salary does not exceed 1200 riyals, and she can be invested in providing private lessons to teach English to the children of the neighborhood or relatives in return for a financial return, and the more the number increases, I give her a percentage for each student to innovate Better methods of teaching The monthly income with one teacher may reach 5000 thousand riyals per month. You can develop your project annually and you can reach in one day the opening of an institute for teaching young people English.

6. Producing festive programs in marriage for men only or for women only, specific, moderate and fun entertainment programs that suit the wedding party and the groups present, then you will be responsible for the entire program during the wedding party in return for a financial return that you specify.

7.Designing a website for talented players so that every player who wants to display a clip of him can contact you for a small fee, then he has the right to display some information about him or ask you to market him with the clubs.

8. TV quiz show. One of the points of competition between TV channels is the search for interesting and useful competitions that distinguish the channel from others. The idea: try to design a new competition program in its idea and put it forward, then document the idea officially, then put it on one of the satellite channels to sponsor or buy it, and you may earn millions of dollars from it, as usual. from this type.

9. Designing a postgraduate degree program such as a master’s degree accredited by an international body such as Harvard University or in its light. The program was presented as two sessions per week, in which lessons are presented to viewers. At the end of each month, tests in these subjects are offered online directly on the computer, starting simultaneously for all students.

10. A home sewing shop: Investing part of the house and equipping it with sewing equipment and machines, and by bringing in Indonesian or Filipina seamstresses, or the owner of the house herself does this task if she is able to do so. In the summer only, Saudi families spend seventy million riyals on weddings only, so make sure that you have a share of that seventy million. (You may be interested in: 5 women’s business ideas that are 100% profitable and inexpensive.)

11. Creating a website that cares about funny clips of children at the country level, in exchange for a nominal fee to include the clip, with the ability to refer to the clip even after thirty years. Everyone faces the problem of memorizing children’s family scenes. Your project may be the first of its kind that provides all families with this type of service. And the most successful projects are the ones that get started.

12. Drawings of children’s bedrooms and newly married couples. It is an idea to specialize in creating artwork for children’s bedrooms by adding some meaningful and interesting drawings for children, as well as drawings that add some romance to married couples.

13. Filming sports clips from talk shows and then showing those clips to the clubs – directly – without mentioning the player’s headquarters or his name, and selling the players directly to the clubs, or through a special site on the Internet) and he may sign an agreement with the player to do marketing and coordination for him in exchange for a percentage of any contract get it.

14. Creating and designing websites for institutions and individuals. You may hire designers from outside the borders and over the Internet in exchange for symbolic amounts that you agree with. Just open the Internet and you will find thousands of collaborators with you. The greatest businessmen in history had their beginnings with ideas that those around them thought were useless.

15. Herbal treatment is widely accepted by the Arab community, but they face the problem of not knowing the types of herbs and their names) and the idea is: to collect all kinds of herbs you have. Your own phone. Providing the service of sending it by mail to any interested customer and anywhere, for an additional fee. You may not need to rent a store at first.

16. Establishing a company to deliver orders to families or in the form of an individual agreement that you make with families, through: Making agreements with some stores to provide special prices or commission by providing orders for them. Establishing a company whose mission is to deliver all kinds of requests to families. Commission from the shop owner + monthly rent by the family.

17. A company to follow up on auctions and buy everything in bulk by offering to re-equip the purchases and sell them on a sectoral basis, in return for suitable material gains. This is for this company to have maintenance shops in which what was purchased is improved before it is offered for sale again. Note: The chance of success is great for such projects for a number of reasons, including weak competition.

18. The project of preparing houses to receive guests, and the simple idea is that your project is specialized only in preparing houses to receive guests by making additional decorations or preparing the council with some welcome flowers, shapes or paintings suitable for the visit event, or according to the customer’s desire. There will be a women’s section and a men’s section.

19. A truck rental broker whose idea is that many of the long road asphalt companies are in dire need of heavy transport trucks, and you have to do this task yourself. All you have to do is take the numbers and phones of the owners of heavy cars, then search for contracting and asphalting companies, and provide rental opportunities for them in return for a commission and contracts with both parties without committing to any financial or security consequences.

20. A shop for renting gold and jewelry. Opening a shop for renting gold and jewelry so that it rents daily gold and jewelry, provided that the customer pays the official price in full for the jewelry to be rented. Note that the community is in dire need of such a project and you can earn huge amounts of money, God willing.

21. Specializing in beverage supplies that are specialized on the road. The idea is to take advantage of people’s demand for cold and hot drinks on the road (such as road coffee, for example), but here you should specialize in shops that offer something that does not exist – as far as we know – until now, such as (ginger drink with honey, green tea with almonds) and serve it. Also in refrigerated form.

22. Establishing a company that specializes only in auctions, every month there is an auction, so that in one month there are double cars, another in heavy transport vehicles, and a third in real estate auctions, and so on monthly. So that you are only required to provide land for this project, and the owners of the tools must provide their tools, and the owners of the property must provide offers video for their properties or you may collaborate with them by providing those offers.

23. The project of equipping winter and summer wild trips with all their requirements. The Gulf society is a society that loves trips, and its largest group today is the youth group, and it is also the most frequent group on trips – so your project targets the largest segment of the Gulf community in addition to the family category, and if we know that the weather in the Gulf varies between hot and cold, then this means the permanence of the purchasing season You have it throughout the year, which contributes to doubling the success of such a project.

24. Preparing pamphlets The idea is to deal with schools by preparing pamphlets for them on national occasions and many other occasions throughout the year. You may benefit from one pamphlet by distributing it to more than one school. You can also provide introductory pamphlets for private schools, for example, and print them.

25. The home neighborhood kindergarten, and his idea was to carve out part of the house to be a kindergarten for infants. This is because the parents trust their children under three years of age with the children of the country, not with the workers who have many problems with the children. Make an advertisement in the neighborhood about the start of this project and its costs. Create a schedule for parents showing the programs that will be implemented daily. Equipping the headquarters with some simple games as a first stage, and making visits to parents to see and get their opinions on what they want from an addition. Start the project with five children at the beginning until you get to know the obstacles. You can transfer the project to girls’ universities in the third year and make sure that the correct management of the project will enable it to attract more than one hundred infants after the third year. Note that the infant kindergarten may be non-existent in the Gulf and perhaps Arab society.

26. School canteen meals The idea is to prepare special meals by contracting with the contractors of school canteens – boys and girls – by providing school meals so that the meal for one day consists of half an apple + a banana + a small milk + one sandwich. On the second day, it changes to pastries, for example, and so each day becomes a separate meal. Note: Canteen meals so far suffer from being unhealthy, and they also suffer from exaggerated prices, especially in girls’ schools. Those obstacles are in favor of this investment. Ishraqah: Hajj Soulami started selling sandwiches in Morocco, then moved on to selling small meals. He used to sell 40,000 meals a day to hospitals, colleges, and schools.

27. Establishing a company for road services so that the company’s mission is to provide services on the roads in various regions, so that it provides the subscriber with all the services he needs on the road, such as interruption of gasoline, for example, the publication, car breakdown, or any accident, God forbid. The method of dealing is on two sides, the first is through the monthly subscription, and this service is provided to him anywhere at the level of the country in which you live, given that you have branches in every region .. And the monthly subscription is like 20 riyals, for example, for each subscriber. As for the second, he is not a subscriber and has been exposed to one of the symptoms, God forbid. This task is presented to him in return for a sum paid that may reach 50 riyals or more, depending on the estimate of the place and distance.

28. A company to design female models, or it may do so individually. So that it tries to specialize through design to formulate women’s models for religious occasions, weddings, public events, and others. All you have to do is to prepare a place only to receive women’s orders without having sewing shops, or the beginning may be through the house, and that – as a first stage – then after designing the appropriate model, you may stop at this limit and take the fee commission, or you may agree with the customer on tailoring and take his commission Others from sewing shops. (And you may agree with designers from different countries via the Internet and send them requests and deal with them with the number of designs) especially since some neighboring countries may have very, very cheap commissions… such as frozen products stores… ice cream, for example.

29. Establishing a soup booth of all kinds, such as broccoli soup, Moroccan harira soup, lentil soup, avocado soup, and the rest of the various types.. International super companies produce only types of chocolate. Specialization is one of the most important ingredients for global success.

30. Home computer maintenance so that you have a place where you specialize in computer maintenance and provide service to customers at their residence.

31. Teacher’s meal Hundreds of thousands of male and female teachers in schools are in dire need of someone to serve them breakfast. The idea is to be the owner of the initiative in providing meals for male and female teachers that you provide to them during the daily recess, in which you fulfill all the principles of safety, and you also provide them with the desired clean meals. So that more than 20 meals are prepared for each day, a different meal from the previous day, and according to the customer’s desire. Note: The neighborhood you live in may have more than a hundred male and female teachers. Just plan well and then proceed. If the value of daily meals is 7 riyals per person, imagine how much the monthly income will be!

32. Renting house furniture Many times a person is forced to live in a city for a limited period and then move to another place according to the nature of his work, and that costs him many consequences of furniture and other things, and at other times many families want change and renewal. Hence, the idea of ​​the project is to specialize in renting house furniture for a limited period in exchange for a good financial return, and then recover it again. Note that you may have partial contracts, whether with homeowners or company owners, to change home or office furniture every three months or six months, or as agreed upon.

33. Educational Kocina Paper The idea is to invent the idea of ​​inventing a card game (Kochina). The details of this game – in addition to entertainment and pleasure – are an educational process for one of the subjects in which high school or university students face difficulty in understanding or understanding.

34. Preparing vegetable orders Since we are in a society whose wheels are moving at a breakneck speed, here is the idea, which is about preparing a headquarters in front of the vegetable market, and your task in it is: Receive the customer’s call before he arrives at the vegetable market, specifying for you the requirements he wants, so you prepare them for him before he reaches the market Upon his arrival, he received his goods while he was in his car. The commission for this is 10 riyals for each service + a commission from the seller to provide customers.

35. Coordination of singing talents. The idea is easy to implement and does not require high liquidity. It can be summed up in: Following up singing talents in schools. Depicting these singing talents. Agreement with one of the owners of the word beginners. Composing the words, filming them, and uploading them to the specialized channels. Sponsoring and marketing these talents in exchange for a percentage from both parties. Note: Islamic chanting channels have increased, and due to their large number, they lacked multiple programs, and this may be one of the most important chances for success.

36. The sports camp The idea is to organize a purposeful sports camp in which twelve-year-olds gather to organize a PlayStation tournament in the football game. Then coordination takes place with one of the channels to adopt, support and purchase the idea, or you market it while benefiting during the show from the TV ads accompanying the show from Playstation selling companies. Addition: You may sponsor companies selling the Playstation in your country.

37. Equipping the home refrigerator with meat. The idea is to set up a shop for breeding and selling livestock, and the customer only has to choose the livestock only. Then you, as a shop owner, do the following: You carry out the process of slaughtering them in the places of slaughter, distributing them to daily sections, wrapping them in plastic, and then delivering them to the house. Note: This is in exchange for an additional commission for the services provided.

38. PowerPoint presentations for trainers, conferences, and university professors, men and women, that collect information about trainers and university professors in the Arab world. Learn about the conferences that will be held throughout the year in the Arab world. Specifies a set of types of presentations, such as / with pictures, without pictures, or by adding animated clips. Set a price for each offer. You get to know the target group and make agreements with them by presenting your special offers for their training programs.

39. Preparing material requests from the large supermarkets. The idea is similar to a previous idea and differs from it somewhat: specifying the names of the luxury supermarkets in your country. Rent a seat in the parking lots of each central market. Building an office on the size of an ATM in front of all the reputed markets in order to become a strong name. Receiving customer requests and processing them before they arrive in the market. Customers deliver all their orders when they arrive at the market square.

 40. A company to organize talk show patrols with a fee of 4,000 riyals for each team (200) for each player so that there will be a league at the level of the region with up to 100 teams. The league is implemented in the central, western, eastern, southern and northern regions. The teams will be divided into 10 groups, with the top 6 teams qualifying for the first place and the 6 best second-placed teams. Matches are played by knockout. The first from each region on the Kingdom Talk Championship. Income / 2 million riyals.

41. Slimming exercise in a shopping mall. This idea for those looking for successful projects with small capital in Saudi Arabia is unconventional for women. The idea is to create a women-only mall. In the middle of it is a large gymnasium for weight loss. The hall is surrounded by a walking track with professional female trainers for weight loss. The shops are for all things related to women, such as beauty centers and others, in addition to women’s training centers. The sports program aims to market the complex and for material benefit as well.

42. Obtaining industrial licenses, as some licenses are only issued by the relevant ministries in the capital, which is an obstacle for those who live in remote areas. In addition, a single industrial license may cost approximately 20 thousand riyals, and sometimes it exceeds much, so the investment opportunity in this field is very wonderful. Especially since you may do feasibility studies in agreement with the study offices, which may cost approximately 20,000 Saudi riyals, and you will get a percentage of it.

43. Apartments for grooms. The idea lies in preparing apartments for grooms only for a week for each newlyweds in the summer only, due to the large number of wedding parties. Furnishing the apartments with roses, flowers, jasmine, jasmine, and a group of rare and elegant perfumes, and providing more than one bedroom in one apartment, so that its shapes vary according to the days.

44. Establishing a company to form the family’s reading, visual and audio library, through: Determining books suitable for any age group such as children, adults, husband, wife. Collecting a large number of these various books that contribute to raising culture and adding some entertainment. Determine the audio and print media to be added to the family library. Determine the mechanism for accessing the contents of the library based on the cultural gradation of each category. And presenting it to the family in the form of a plan for the benefit of the family.

45. Wearing women’s handbags and shoes. The idea is: adjacent to women’s textile stores. Making models for worn bags and shoes, as well, from the same fabric, to be displayed in textile stores when displaying clothes. Agreement with the shops of the owners of the fabrics that the sold through them shall be divided according to the two shops. Note / targeting women’s fashion is one of the most commercial projects that generate very high income. Also, there are no specialized agencies in this field.

46. ​​Club Scouts: Agreement with a group of well-established clubs to present football talents to them. Follow-up talk teams and write reports on these players. Film clips of these players. Submit a report on the player for these clubs, supported by photos. Reporting to teams from the Arabian Gulf for players who were not selected internally. (Football is one of the best financial opportunities nowadays.)

47. Adopting sports talents, and here the idea is different from the first one, as talent is adopted from a young age through an academy or personal sponsorship through an agreement with talent to sponsor it internally and externally. So that it has a sponsorship program in which it adopts the talented through training, physical preparation, and football culture, so that the appropriate opportunity arises to invest it financially.

48. The Sports Talents Channel, which is a TV channel specialized in sports talents coming from the ages of 12-15 in the Arab world. And for various sports. Among the additional tasks of the channel: to make meetings with the players of this category. View some matches of this category from different regions of the Arab world. A team worked for the channel to make Arab friendly matches. Preparing sports commentators and match analysts at this stage.

49. The Bride Gifts Company, so that inside the wedding palace there is a place to present gifts to the bride.

Preparing model educational lessons, filming them on CDs and selling them to school students

50. The mobile mill is an individual or a specialized institution and does not require high capital. The method is as follows: A car is equipped with a grain mill and a telephone number. Receiving orders and setting appropriate dates for clients. Visit the customer at the specified time and provide him with the service. Grains may be provided either from the customer or from the service outlet, according to the customer’s desire.

51. Women’s clothing consultants who are tasked with providing advice to women who want to buy women’s clothing to choose the appropriate clothing for length and color for each operation. This is through: Contracting with beauty consultants. Provide design experts. Providing fashion consultations to the process before purchasing so that you know the appropriate choice based on length, color, and others. Providing different types of makeup that suit every wear and every skin.

52. Safety deposit box. The idea is that you have a company specialized in safe deposits in Makkah and Madinah, in addition to airports, whose mission is to preserve the safe deposits for their owners to fulfill their needs, and then return to receive their needs from the box.

53. Training Center for Future Businessmen and Women. The idea is to establish a specialized center for everyone who wants to become a businessman or businesswoman in the future. They will be trained on all the basics and experiences of businessmen. Ideas are taken from these emerging future traders and try to evolve those ideas so that they look great to share with them when successful. 4. Marketing these ideas to them in the Arab world and the world.

54. Aquariums of nature for homes and parks. The idea is to make fish ponds from nature, such as a tree trunk, for example, that is dug to become a fish tank and others. The idea may be implemented individually or through an institution and does not require high capital.

55. Developing and renting out rented houses so that: A number of low-rent homes are rented, such as Al-Shabiya, for example. Maintenance and upgrades to these homes so that they look better than they were. Rent it in its new form for an amount that exceeds the amount for which it was rented. You may start with one house until you are sure of the success of the idea.

56. The Haram Parking Project Renting land relatively far from the Haram. Welcoming the visitor and his family. Transporting the visitor and his family to the campus through the company’s car, provided that the visitor’s car remains in the parking lot. Take it when leaving the parking lot. Hand him his car after it was washed and cleaned.

57. A net café with social, developmental and psychological consultants in the café as well as vocational and academic educators. To carry out technical, educational and other consultations for café visitors.

58. Establishing an educational electronic newspaper concerned with everything related to public and private education and e-learning and investing it through advertisements for private learning companies and sms news messages for subscribers for everything related to education.

59. Preparing housing for Umrah and Hajj, agreeing with hotel and apartment owners on special prices for the company. Receiving the pilgrim’s request with determining the appropriate price for it. Obtaining information regarding the number and room size. Informing the client of the available housing according to the price that is far from the specified campus and the distance that is far from the campus for each available according to the specified price.

60. Designing women’s or men’s clothing in two forms, so that it can be worn from any side, women’s sets, for example, a skirt and a blouse, worn in two designs, so that if it is turned, it will be another model in shape, color, and design. Or as well as men’s clothing and other clothes. The most important thing you need is a professional designer to draw the shapes of the various designs

61. Designing school presentations through the computer for celebrations. Schools are keen to present celebrations for higher educational bodies and parents, but they are faced with the scarcity of presentations that they can present. The idea: to specialize in providing new ideas for such offers. It also specializes in presenting the school’s programs and past activities. Presenting some ideas of sports and movement shows for schools and training them. Documenting the activities of the school, the activities of the educational departments.

62. Nature from the Internet, which is the investment of the Internet through: extracting images of nature from the Internet. Enlarge it and make appropriate frames for it. Offer them for sale on natural paintings shops and in public markets. The project only needs you to search extensively on the internet for the most beautiful scenery and the cost of enlargement. You might start with only twenty boards and market them at universities and women’s markets.

 63. A project for a shop specializing in shrimp sandwiches, which is one of the popular trades and is considered successful projects with small capital in Saudi Arabia in the current period, especially since this field does not have large merchants, which facilitates the process of competition and prominence in it. The beginning may be renting a medium shop in the form of an elegant cafeteria. Knowledge of shrimp fish owners and price level. Looking for a capable chef who can attract clients. Reducing one riyal from the rest in the first six months, noting that the average price of a sandwich in popular places is 7 riyals.

64. Renewal of house paint Many families are keen to renew the paint on an ongoing basis, which requires high liquidity, and the idea is to invest people’s desire for continuous renewal through: Establishing an institution that cares about painting houses in a new way through monthly subscriptions. Establishing contracts between the institution and the homeowners for a period of fifteen years in return for changing the paint every three years. The subscription is 25 halalas per month per meter.

65. Marriage care is complete and its mission is through providing the following services: Preparing the appropriate wedding palace. Preparing and taking care of the singers, along with preparing the chants and obtaining approval for the appropriate ones. Preparing dinner banquets for men and women. Accommodation for a week for newlyweds anywhere in the world. Preparing the bride and her family of women. Preparing the groom’s family of women. Note: 700 million riyals annually is the cost of wives in Saudi Arabia. Try to have a share in her livelihood.

66. The idea of ​​a foreign school, as the communities are very concentrated in most of our regions, and because of this, their children need empowered schools, so the importance of establishing an international foreign school from which children of more than one community will benefit, such as an Indian school, for example, focuses on courses, so the children of the same community and some surrounding areas benefit from us. with it. In addition to the possibility of benefiting from the establishment of a kindergarten for Arab students to learn English for two years before starting regular studies.

67. Incubation of occasions The abundance of social and marketing events in our Arab societies, with which the family needs such a service, through: providing five educationally qualified nannies, providing a place for the nursery next to wedding palaces and in major commercial complexes to take care of children during marriages or shopping at a rate of 100 riyals per two hours. Providing some games suitable for children from 1-3 years old. Determine 20 children in one assembly. You may become a child custody company.

68. Making scaffolds and renting them. Every building that is built needs tools to raise it, and the urban renaissance makes us think of investing in that activity. Therefore, the scaffolding that workers need is one of the things that are not available to many contracting companies, which makes establishing a company that specializes in renting scaffolds one of the wonderful business opportunities that a prosperous future awaits, especially if it focuses on increasing security for workers while dealing with this type of scaffolding.

69. The idea of ​​a yogurt shop with pure honey, honey, which urged its importance in our true Islamic religion, and from here the idea lies 1- Preparing a shop for children’s meals with only yogurt and honey. You may add to the shop some drinks sweetened with honey such as ginger with honey, cinnamon with honey due to their medicinal importance and others.

70 . The idea of ​​a seller selling wedding dresses without capital, agreeing with the designers to provide the dresses for a percentage of the value, filming the dresses in a video and presenting them to the family inside the house. Selling dresses to the family for a service commission.

71 . Investing in airport lounges Airports park in them for hours, and therefore the investment opportunity lies through: Renting spaces in airport lounges in some corners. Creating entertainment facilities for all ages. It may be benefited from preparing sleeping places through hourly rent in areas of 1.5 * 1.5 per person. It may also benefit from creating lounges for computers and the Internet. All companies in the world depend on their success in advertising, so the importance of today’s idea lies through: Establishing a company specialized in advertising consulting for large institutions. Providing a qualified staff that provides feasibility studies for each advertising plan. Drawing up the advertising plan for large companies for a whole year. Adopt the proposed plan and supervise it during implementation. Submit a monthly report showing the implementation mechanism and its results. Note: You may start individually through startups.

72. Renting luxury handmade watches, through: Opening a rental store for luxury international brands. 300 riyals subscription for five years. The customer has the right to exchange a watch at a value of 500 riyals every six months, for 50 riyals at each exchange. Note: Remember that the customer at the end of the year will pay 50 riyals in exchange for a new, luxurious watch, and this will be attractive to the customer and a guarantee that he will stay with you.

73. Luggage shipping services companies at airports Establishing an institution that receives the traveler at the airport during departure and completes all his procedures and receives his luggage, prepares and ships it, as well as receives him at his arrival station and delivers all his belongings of luggage and others. In addition to preparing resting places for him in each of the departure and arrival stations .

74. Renting apartments in the Haram during the seasons and renting them. The idea lies through: Going through the first season to get an idea of ​​the prices of apartments and rooms. Passage in the second year in the month of Safar to start renting operations at prices that guarantee you profit, provided that the contract is in the fifth Hijri month. Start by contacting some third parties – before signing the contract – to present your marketing offers to find out the possibility of renting to Hajj and Umrah companies. Determining an increase of 20% for individuals.

75. Juice to treat diseases. The idea lies in: opening a store for medical juices. Identify three common diseases in society, such as pressure, diabetes, and so on. Providing a medical definition from specialists for previous diseases and providing medical advice about them. Providing types of fresh juices suitable for each type, its benefits and medical advice for it. Addition: The shop may offer some suitable meals as well. The idea is unprecedented and the scope for success is wide.

76. The mobile hotel. The idea is to buy ten huge cars and equip their backs with luxurious bedrooms equipped with all the requirements of five-star hotel rooms with distinguished toilets. Spread it on close adjacent beaches or near airports. Providing a security guard near the cars. Finding another car as a reception and follow-up office. Dealing with leasing as mobile hotels. Note: You may provide additional services by providing any external requirements to customers for free.

77. Selling sweets and pies to coffee shops and cafes, either do direct production through the home. Or you may contract with sweets and pastries companies (exclusively) in your city at lower prices than usual to buy high quantities of them, which you market and sell to coffee shops as their official distributor. Note: The best chance of success is to specialize in one of the desserts of your choice and combination.

78. Communicating with foreign tourism companies, introducing them to the country, receiving delegations, and organizing internal programs. Establishing an internal tourism company. Visit the Ministry of Tourism and learn about the tourist areas in the country. Add some other cool places. Take photos of the best sights. Communicating with foreign companies and presenting a cooperation project with them. Adopting some recreational tourism programs in the winter and summer seasons A. The start may be an individual without a company.

79. Creating an institution to care for leaders and develop their skills from 15 to 18 years old, through: Establishing an academy that is concerned only with preparing emerging leaders. Provide training courses for them for a full semester. Making foreign trips for them in the summer to visit some of the leaders of international institutions and to see the great leaders. Adopting creative applicants from them in the media. Marketing them to international companies in exchange for joint financial returns.

80 . Establishing a website for translation or opening an office. The translation of one paper amounted to 40 riyals, and the idea lies through: coordination with multinational translators via the Internet, each of whom translates for 10 riyals per paper. Reduce the price to 25 riyals per sheet. Translating textbooks for English language students and selling them in libraries across the Arab world. Fill out visa forms in English for travelers abroad. Daily income may exceed 400 riyals.

81. Information Strengthening Center: Establishing a specialized center for information strengthening. Focusing on subjects that students struggle with, such as mathematics, English, physics and chemistry. Providing specialists to follow up students in schools and identify their levels so that the student and his guardian feel cared for. Provide counseling for students in aptitude tests. Providing services for 500 riyals per month for the student. Provide advice to students on how to get admission to universities and help them in that.

 82. Coordinating with car showrooms in Japan and America and selling their cars internally, by: Visiting both Japan and America. Learn about used car shows. Make partnership contracts to sell their cars inside your country and in the Arab world as well, in exchange for a percentage of the profit. Knowing the customs price in order to calculate the appropriate price. Creating a website to market these cars after photographing them and presenting their features and specifications. Selling one car per month may save you 10,000 riyals

83. Specializing in supplying one of the sources of juices for all buffets, such as figs, for example, as it is one of the greatest fruits that God created for the benefit of humans, but it is remarkably unavailable. The idea is: coordination with the owners of fig farms in the country to import large quantities of them. Coordinating with buffet owners locally and abroad to provide them with fig fruits. Specialty in this fruit only. Selling 100 kilos per day to 100 buffets means 500 riyals per day, net income.

84. Wedding meals without a head, through: Specializing in wedding meals, and the beginning may be through the house for relatives’ weddings. Determine meals according to the number of individuals, so that a meal is allocated for each individual. Each meal is customized according to desires, combining fats, vegetables and fruits. Submit the application for the number 100 or more. The price of the meal is 30 riyals at the beginning. It may provide more than 2000 dishes per night for the large number of marriages. 6- The benefit of the project for both parties, for you and the owner of the occasion.

85. Project of electronic training courses on how to design websites through the following: 10 trainees from each country only for one program. An advertisement for training courses through one of the channels. Implementation of the course daily for an hour remotely. Announcing the honor through cooperation with a TV channel. Granting accredited certificates from one of the international centers. Introducing graduates and registering their names as capable of designing websites.

86. Home cooks and the idea is possible through: Specializing in bringing in skilled cooks and cooks. Recruiting male and female cooks who are good at eating different nations, as well as making sweets. Renting them out on occasions or homes by month, week or day. Their investment in providing cooking courses nationwide. You might invest them in writing cookbooks and some TV shows.

87. Establishing a workshop to buy used and worn out cars, repaint them, and renew their tires. The idea starts with: Establishing a workshop specialized in restoring old cars and reselling them. Cooperate with one of the showrooms at the beginning by renewing the old cars that he has for free until the sale is completed, then you take the maintenance fees and the percentage of the profit. After you have capital, you start buying directly used cars and renewing them. Just make your renovation workshop famous in this field.

88. Establishing an academic contracting company for universities and institutes, to: Collect resumes of a number of academics in all disciplines. Follow up academics professionally and academically. Conducting interviews before and after contracting. Nominate the appropriate ones and follow-up. Submit files about them to Arab universities for those who wish to contract with them. This is in exchange for a service allowance from universities, in addition to a monthly amount of 600 riyals from the doctor.

89. Educational ceramics The prevalence of ceramics in homes has become exaggerated, but most schools are interested in renewing it from time to time, and the idea is that ceramic formations in homes become educational methods interested in reading or scientific equations that explain mathematics and physics or any scientific subject as vocabulary For the English language and so on, and ceramics can be made according to the customer’s desire and according to the educational stage of the children.

90. A company for the design and construction of home amusement parks is the establishment of an establishment or it may be carried out individually as a first stage without a company whose mission is to design home amusement parks. Agreement with some engineers to draw a vision for the garden of the house according to the available spaces. Agreement with entertainment game industry companies to control the size of the game based on the required spaces. Work through cash or installments by adding some percentages. Preparing marketers for you in each city in return for a percentage of the sale.

91. Mobile car wash The idea has become widespread in the Arab world, and it represents successful projects with small capital in Saudi Arabia as well. Equipping a mobile car that contains all car wash tools, in addition to a water pump. You will provide the service to homes, provided that you have five customers in one lane. In the evening, you go to gathering places. Cars are washed once every two weeks, and may reach 300 customers a month after the first six months. After the first year you may have owned more than one car to become a mobile business.

92. Coordination with Hajj companies for awareness and training programs during the Hajj period. Establishing an institution concerned with organizing programs for Hajj and Umrah companies. Programs vary through awareness programs, training programs, and committed educational and recreational programs. Trying to contract with 20 Hajj companies. The beginning will have some difficulties, but later it will be one of the most important points for promoting Hajj companies.

93. The idea of ​​sponsoring residential scholarship students through the establishment of a company that rents homes in scholarship countries. And you rent it in convenient installments for the scholarship student. Providing private teachers in some rented buildings as desired by the client in foreign language countries. There may be agreements with the scholarship agencies so that they do the rent, not the student.

94. Create a website for remote private lessons through: Launching a website to do private lessons. Private lessons are public for all, and a private section is for a teacher and a student only through a personal interview (online). Providing weekly and monthly tests and the way to solve them after each test. Providing lessons on how to deal with capacity tests and measuring the level of the student. For a monthly subscription of 50 riyals for the year and 200 riyals for the private.

95. The idea does not require capital, and it is as follows: 1- An advertisement in a daily newspaper for an amount of 250 riyals only with your mobile number. The loan. Note that some loans may exceed four million riyals. 4- At first, you may seek the help of other commentators in exchange for a percentage of your share until you master it more.

96. Importing the telephone ringer and marketing it to mosques Mosques suffer from the ringing of mobile phones during prayer, and the idea is to take the initiative to import the telephone ringer, which does not yet exist in Saudi Arabia, and market and sell it to mosques, whose numbers are more than hundreds of thousands in a single Muslim country, as it may be marketed For meeting and training rooms.

97. Establishing a company specialized in selling real Zamzam water. Zamzam water is one of the sources that people want to acquire, but they are prevented from doing so by lack of confidence in those who sell it. The idea is to establish a company specialized in selling it, which is officially documented.

98. Taking care of small enterprises Small enterprises suffer from stumbling, many of them in the commercial field, due to the lack of sufficient experience, in addition to not understanding the characteristics of the competitive market, and the idea of ​​​​the day lies through: establishing a company whose mission is to sponsor small enterprises only. Recruiting trained and empowered groups with higher degrees to provide consultations and feasibility studies to ensure that institutions that are ready for success are selected for adoption. Providing plans that contribute to the success of these institutions in return for services. Sponsoring the organization and following up its steps in return for a percentage of the annual revenue of the organization.

99. The Chinese Houses Project Agency has now begun to invade the Chinese houses market, which takes from two weeks to a month, and the house becomes ready according to the floors and rooms that the customer desires. You may start with them as a marketer until you prove your seriousness to them in order to obtain the exclusive power of attorney, or you may start building such houses and renting them out when liquidity is available.

100. Developmental sports courses in Europe. Football is one of the most popular sports and the highest income, and the idea is: to coordinate with major European international teams such as Manchester to provide professional training courses from 12-15 years. Attracting a group of distinguished players through advertisements and competitions. Scholarships for three months for three consecutive years. He offered them to Saudi and Gulf clubs to conclude professional contracts with them in return for 50% of the player’s first contract and 10% in the second and third.

101. Manufacture of pure clay hats in club colors and sell them to fans during matches. Sports fans are one of the wonderful investment opportunities, as the attendance exceeds millions per year, and the idea lies in preparing hats in different colors that are compatible with all the colors of Arab clubs and teams, and they are made of pure silt. It may start individually by preparing a hundred hats at the beginning and marketing them during one of the strong matches. . And you will notice how successful the idea is.

 102. Mobile Playstation, through: Equipping a medium-sized car (small tipper) with six 21-inch TVs and PlayStation devices. Targeting youth gathering places, sports festivals and beaches. In addition to allocating time to organize the PlayStation Football League so that each device represents a group as Group (A), Group (B), and so on. You may also benefit from the car in selling refreshments, ice cream, and others.

103. A website for furnished apartments in tourist or religious areas. Designing a website specialized in displaying apartments. Agreement with the owners of furnished apartments to provide clients for them in return for a commission rate. With a price reduction for your client. Photographing each apartment with the number of rooms and its internal system, in any street, and the services available around it, and displaying it on the site. Determine a page for the price desired by the customer and the apartments that are compatible with that price. Provide distinguished contact recipients.

104. Home Restoration and Restructuring Company Establishing an organization that is concerned only with home restoration. Bringing in architects and decorators to change the interior of the house and add some beautiful facilities to it. Submitting four (computer) visualizations for each house, to choose one. Preparing headquarters to receive the homeowners so that their house is prepared through the total amount in case they wish to do so. Photographing the house before and after the restoration and publishing it in the local newspapers for publicity.

105. A league for university students, where ten teams from each university participate, provided that the teams are formed by the students themselves. Then qualifiers are offered at the state level, with the round of four and the final being in the capital. Each team participates in the amount of 3,000 three thousand riyals. In addition to investing in advertising. In the event that any player from the participating teams contracts with any club, the organizers will receive 25% of the contract value. Club scouts are invited to attend

106. A free medical advertising newspaper. The idea is to create a newspaper that specializes in medical advertising only, hospitals, clinics. Advertisements in the medical field only, as medical institutions and companies have spread remarkably, and they really need a specialized advertising method. It is distributed free of charge to the community to be income through medical commercials.

107. Car mechanic service This service would be new if it worked in another way, so that the owner of the car does not go with his car, but rather he has to contact you only, and you are the one who takes the car or one of your employees, then you provide the necessary services for it. And your start may be to find distinguished mechanics and electricians to do the job for you, and you only have to deliver the cars, follow them up, and deliver them to their owners, in return for a commission at the beginning from the owner of the workshop until you open your own workshop and the owner of the car in return for his service.

108. Coordinating with English language institutes and sending Arab students to study) and what you need is only to follow the English language institutes on the Internet and try to make marketing contracts for them. Marketing the program to Saudi university students through brochures, with setting the price of each program. Start sending students to learn English in the summer in exchange for a marketing percentage.

109. Community Restaurant The labor gathering in a place is a diversified investment opportunity, and the biggest opportunity lies in opening a community restaurant for one of the nationalities scattered in the country or a restaurant that consists of a group of sections, each section is for a community, such as the Indian food section, the Filipino food section, and a third for food Pakistani. You need a crew of one worker, while you only need a variety of cooks. You also need each section to have a separate decor.

110. The Mondays Only Restaurant is a restaurant whose tables include only two seats. Husband and wife. Its goal is to develop a spirit of intimacy between spouses. During the presence of the couple, the restaurant also offers free magazines dealing with the secrets of marital relations and how they are developed. In addition to giving them a gift after eating dinner. It is taken into account if the restaurant carries the meaning of romance, and its prices are within the reach of the majority.

111. Establishing a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing medical shoes from pure footwear. The idea is: to establish a shoe manufacturing company that relies on natural footwear or an agreement with an external factory to provide manufacturing in the first stage. Provide designers for the required forms. Provide your detail opportunity. The use of medical staff or a medical company that guarantees its medical quality. Start with low prices and then raise them for three years by 20% per year.

112. Coordination between farms and agricultural distribution companies, and a beginning that does not need liquidity. The idea is: to ask the owners of private farms to provide one hundred thousand kilos of mangoes and figs, and to determine the appropriate price and quality. You agree with them on an approximate price, and you return to them after a month to prepare the contract. Passing through the distribution companies and presenting the idea of ​​providing their orders of fruits. Get to know their potential prices so that you can start negotiating the farm purchase price.

113. Custody of children in the markets, through: Renting a place in the luxurious markets whose mission is to take care of children from 2-10 years of age while their parents are shopping. Equipping the store with a variety of games suitable for all ages. Bring qualified child care professionals. Provide snacks for the children. Reservation is only 20 riyals per hour in the first stage to gain confidence. Twenty children per hour for 400 riyals. You may start with only one headquarters to become a company in the future. Such ideas are considered successful projects with small capital in Saudi Arabia in the era of shopping and the fashion of going to malls.

114. A website for selling books, Obeikan, Jarir and many libraries on the Arab level and thought are: The agreement with the oldest libraries in the Arab world for exclusive marketing for them. Take 25% of every book sold. Designing a global website concerned with inventorying books in the Arab world and making them available for sale. The service of delivering the book to the residence for a fee and free of charge if the price exceeds 500 riyals. In addition to benefiting from the site in corporate advertisements as well.

115. A television channel specialized in selling used cars. The idea is: specializing in marketing the sale of used cars only. Establishing a television channel specialized in advertising used cars. Recruiting professional car appraisers based on their real condition to gain the trust of customers. Advertising for those wishing to sell for free in return for 10% of the sales value. In the absence of customers for the advertised vehicle, he pays 1000 riyals for an advertisement for a month.

116. Establishing a company or band to cover summer and winter activities in amusement parks and entertainment centers.