How do you outperform your competitors in the business world?

 How do you outperform your competitors in the business world?

How do you outperform your competitors in the business world?

Your competitors exhausted you? Competition has become fierce? Your market share is decreasing day by day? Struggling to survive in the market? If your answers are yes to all of the above, then know that more time may mean you are out of the market, although you can turn the table upside down, fly high, stand alone among your competitors and make more profits.

Executives make a big mistake when they think that competition is sufficient to achieve success. Competition is part of the minimum necessary for survival, but success needs to go beyond competition.. above competition. If there are two people pulling a rope from both ends, then exerting a great effort on both ends of the rope does not mean that the rope will move, which means that companies may make a great effort to compete with each other, but the end result may be that each company maintains its market share.

The goal of competition is to benefit the consumer by reducing prices or raising quality, where those who come with better ideas, cheaper prices, or better quality can enter the field of competition with others, so competition leads to many benefits. But competition is designed for the benefit of the economy in general and for the consumer in particular, and producers receive only a small part of the benefit, as they are required to produce more and more efficiency, but the benefits of this do not lead to more profits, but only what guarantees them survival.

Value monopolies aim to benefit producers and consumers alike, and that is why most developed countries have moved away from survival economies and turned to value economies.. that is, they moved away from economies based on competition to economies based on above competition.

There are many ways to monopolize value, which is the best way to outrun the competition, so let’s review some of them.

1- Material exclusivity

There is only one “Mona Lisa” painting in the world, so the works that are based on art and the acquisition of old things are based on material exclusivity. There is only one “Venice” city in the world and it is considered the most beautiful city in the world, and this is another example of the physical uniqueness, which is the uniqueness of the site.

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The material exclusivity – despite its rarity – if it exists and makes good use of it, then it is the most important value of all, as no other value compares to it.

2- Intellectual exclusivity

The income achieved by “Joanne Rowling” from authoring the novel “Harry Potter” amounts to more than one billion dollars (estimation), the bulk of which came from licensing the use of the name “Harry Potter” in films, games, cards, and so on, as the financial value of the trademark is estimated “ Harry Potter” with more than $ 15 billion, which made her the most rich writer in history.


If you look around you, you will find that everything that you use in your daily life of devices or tools started with an idea. Ideas are the inexhaustible source and the renewable source of uniqueness. Sites such as “Alibaba” and “Facebook” – which earn billions in profits today – what It is basically just an idea.

3- Technological exclusivity

The success of companies such as Microsoft and Oracle is mainly due to technological exclusivity. The war now raging between the two giants Samsung and Apple in the field of mobile phones reflects the importance and value of technology in competition.


On the other hand, you find that Nokia, which was considered the most prominent and largest company in the field of mobile phones at the beginning of this century, is now exiting the market after it was sold to Microsoft, due to its apparent technological backwardness and failure to keep pace with its competitors.

4- Control

When you have a large share of the market, and when you are unique in manufacturing a product that only a few produce, and when the market is devoid of real competition, and when it is difficult to enter a new competitor due to the huge cost of that industry, then you are above the competition, and you control the market and control it, and you are already flying far high above all your competitors.


This applies to Boeing, which controls the aircraft industry. The success of good designs has given the company this status. The order books are full several years ahead. There is increasing competition from Airbus but this company still has a lot to do with Boeing.

5- Specialization

At a time when the retail trade in the United States of America suffered from excessive expansion, and most companies closed many of their branches, the Eddie Bauer company was opening more stores, and the secret was that the company focused on light clothes that people tend to buy because they Less affected by fashion changes, and therefore worn for a longer period, it was also focused on couples in their forties.


Specialization and focus on certain products has always been a way to achieve above competition, it gives the company a good start at least, even if others enter the same field there will still be an initial advantage provided that the management maintains quality.

In the end, we find that “above the competition” does not care much about the changes that characterize the product, but it is concerned primarily with the uniqueness of the value that this product provides.