What are examples of business plan?

 What are examples of business plan?

Written Business Plan: Sample Business Plan Ready 2023 

Written Business Plan: Sample Business Plan Ready 2023

Writing a business plan is not easy, and it can even be frustrating for some (especially when starting one from scratch), which is why most resort to searching for a ready-made business plan template among dozens of templates available on the Internet.

The business plan is an essential document for any company or project, as it allows laying the foundations for work and managing it in the short, medium and long term. And if you need a loan or investors, they can help you secure financing. The difficulty of writing a business plan varies depending on the complexity of your project and the requirements of those to whom you will present the plan. A professionally written business plan that suits your needs is essential, so you will find more than one template attached at the end of the topic.

Why should you start with a written business plan?

If you are in the process of completing a plan for your business and you have no previous experience, and so as not to get frustrated while staring at a blank page trying to figure out where to start. Why not use a business plan template that simplifies the process for you?

There are plenty of free and ready-made business plan templates available online (including one you can download here on this page).

Elements of the main action plan

The elements of a basic business plan are generally as follows:

  • Project summary (one page)
  • Company overview (project) (approximately one page)
  • The product or service offered (approximately one page)
  • Sector and market analysis (approximately 3 pages)
  • Marketing plan (approximately 4 pages)
  • Operational plan (approximately two pages)
  • Development plan (approximately one page)
  • Administration (approximately one page)
  • Financial plan (approximately 3 pages)
  • Funding (approximately one page).
  • supplements as needed. 

Business plan template ready for download

Below you can choose between two templates depending on your needs (simplified or detailed), and you will find instructions and directions included that will help you write a complete business plan step by step:

Model 1: Simplified business plan template.
Model 2: Detailed word business plan template.

 A good business plan template will help you organize your ideas. It can provide you with a guideline, in addition, it can show you the general layout and layout of a standard business plan.

Alert: Be careful – there are a lot of people out there trying to charge you for a template that’s already free.

If you need more than a free and simple business plan template, there are paid business planning solutions, which offer even more assistance and customization options. The cost of preparing a business plan service varies from one preparer to another and depending on its complexity and difficulty. (The typical cost of preparing an average business plan is between $600 and $1,000. Very complex business plans can cost a lot, but they rarely exceed $5,000.)

You can find plenty of ready-made business plans online, but even filling out these forms can still be difficult for some. Remember, a well-written business plan can give you new insights and a clear understanding of your business strategy, and if you need a loan or investors, it can help you secure financing that will allow you to grow. You can check out this lesson to learn how to prepare a business plan step by step.