The best website for cryptocurrency prices

 The best website for cryptocurrency prices

The cryptocurrency industry is a constantly changing ecosystem that can go up one moment and then experience a massive crash in value the next. It can often be difficult to know where a coin is next, so it is always a good idea to check its stats on a regular basis. So, what is the best website for cryptocurrency prices?

Websites that track cryptocurrency prices
When it comes to cryptocurrencies, investors routinely spend a lot of time on cryptocurrency price comparison sites looking for the latest coin, the one with the most exciting prospects or the one that is undervalued.
The cryptocurrency price tracker monitors the current value of various digital currencies and tokens. Many of these services provide historical data as well, allowing users to compare current prices to historical values. Some of these services have a tool that allows users to compare the performance of multiple cryptocurrencies against each other.
The accuracy of the price tracker that an investor decides to use will have a significant impact on their decisions, as well as on the timing and success of their investments. Obviously, a constantly updated tracker that uses reliable data in calculating its values ​​is crucial.
However, there are many other considerations to take into account when choosing a cryptocurrency price tracker site, including ease of use, the range of cryptocurrencies, the range of tools, and additional information available.
The 9 best sites for cryptocurrency prices

1- CoinGecko
CoinGecko is a reliable and comprehensive site for checking statistics and trends of hundreds of different currencies. CoinGecko offers price charts, market stats, historical data, and a range of different charts for all major currencies, as well as newer or lesser-known coins, such as Chiliz or Milk Token.
You can also check updates for your chosen coin with CoinGecko and compare its price chart with Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the two largest currencies in the market at the moment. In addition, you can convert your chosen currency into fiat or non-fiat currency at the samea time. It is truly an all-in-one option when it comes to cryptocurrency statistics.
2- Coinbase
Secondly, in the article, the best site for knowing the prices of digital currencies, Coinbase. Coinbase is known by many as a popular digital exchange and software wallet, but it also offers key insights into hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. In the “Prices” section of Coinbase, you can access a wide range of data on your chosen coin, including price charts, holding time, popularity, and trading activity.
Moreover, Coinbase provides brief and helpful summaries of each coin, explaining how the coin works and mentioning some key information that users should keep in mind. You can also check the current value of your chosen currency in a range of different unofficial (or traditional) world currencies.
Since Coinbase is also an exchange, you can also create an account directly from the Prices section and buy the coin you are looking for if you like the stats you see.
3- Nomics
Nomics is a great option for checking all kinds of cryptocurrency stats. Nomics provides information about a wide range of different cryptocurrencies.
Nomics provides standard coin price charts, as well as volume, market cap, and exact supply of coins in circulation, and provides easy-to-read summaries of each coin, including its founders, release date, and more.
Nomics offers not only price charts but also price prediction charts. In this way, you can check the consensus on the future of a particular currency in the market. But remember Nomics states that this prediction should not be taken as investment advice.
4- CoinMarketCap
Fourth, in the article, the best site for knowing the prices of digital currencies, CoinMarketCap. This site is a great one-stop-shop for major cryptocurrency data, including cryptocurrency to USD price chart, trading volume, market cap, and overall market ranking.
With CoinMarketCap, you can also take a look at the wallets that support your chosen coin, as well as insightful analysis and historical data. For those who would rather read about a coin rather than see the stats, you can take a look at the live data summary and About section. CoinMarketCap’s summaries are very in-depth and will provide you with a lot of information, not to mention being fun.
5- Coinranking
Coinranking provides users with the most important cryptocurrency stats they need including price charts, price performance tables, and 24-hour rates of change. You can also check the major exchanges and markets for the currency you want, as well as its trading volume in the mentioned markets.
Like Coingecko, you can take advantage of Coinranking’s currency converter, and check the currency value in a range of fiat and non-fiat currencies.
Additionally, you can check out Coinranking’s summary sections to read some information about any coin and its founders and goals.
6- CoinDesk
CoinDesk is a cryptocurrency resource that you can rely on, as it shows you a range of different statistics about the currencies you are interested in such as prices, past volatility, etc. CoinDesk also provides the market capitalization, total supply and volume of any 24-hour cryptocurrency, as well as a brief market analysis that allows you to understand its current position and influence.
CoinDesk’s crypto summaries are very useful, as you can check the price of your chosen coin in a variety of fiat and non-fiat currencies using their currency converter.
7- CoinStats
CoinStats allows you to check the current price and past volatility of your desired coin and also allows you to compare its performance against Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can also look at the market value of any coin, the circulating supply, the current markets, as well as how much it is traded on each market.
CoinStats also provides the latest updates on cryptocurrencies, as well as a summary of each coin’s issuance, founders, and how it works. You can also try the site’s investment calculator if you want to know how much return you’ll see if your chosen currency goes up by a certain amount.
There are some additional statistics provided by CoinStats that you can only access if you have a professional account, such as daily currency trades or dominance in CoinStats portfolios. You can get a pro account for just $3.49 per month, but CoinStats still offers a wealth of insightful stats for free if you don’t want it.
8- Coinlib
While CoinMarketCap may be the most popular cryptocurrency price site, there are other websites that offer competitive services as well. Although Coinlib is a lesser-known price tracking site, it includes many useful tools that go beyond the basic price monitoring system.
Given that Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency and the largest by market cap, Coinlib includes a measure of “Bitcoin dominance” at the top of its page. This number, along with market caps and a selection of data for each individual cryptocurrency, is updated in real time.
Coinlib also includes a comparison tool that allows users to view stats on up to four coins or tokens side by side, and provides a price explorer that can help investors identify arbitrage opportunities.
9- Bitgur
Finally, in the article on the best site to find out the prices of digital currencies, Bitgur. Bitgur launched in 2017 and is connected to a number of different exchanges, offering investors a useful filtering system that allows them to filter cryptocurrency results according to category type, year, and technology.
This means that investors who focus specifically on an asset such as commodity-linked cryptocurrencies will be able to adjust their searches. Bitgur also offers its own BTC fee prediction tool, volatility indicator, and watchlist functionality similar to brokerage services.
a summary
While accuracy and reliability may be the most important considerations when choosing the best cryptocurrency price site, the list above shows that there are many other services and features to consider as well. So picking and choosing from the various features listed above is a good way to gather as much information as possible before you go on to buy or sell.
Disclaimer: The content of this article is for informational purposes only. The information provided should absolutely not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation. No warranty is made, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information or data contained herein. Users of this article agree that Money Secrets does not accept responsibility for any of their investment decisions. Not every investment or trading strategy is suitable for anyone. See the risk warning statement.

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