How do you start a project from Scratch?

 How do I Start My Project: 7 Ways To Start a Project From Scratch

How do I Start My Project: 7 Ways To Start a Project From Scratch

How do I start my own project? When some people decide to start their own business, they think about leaving the job, although this step is risky, and they may initially face a great deal of stress and difficulties. Kiyosaki, the author of the bestselling book (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), says: “When I was young, in the days before the Internet, there weren’t many ways to start a private business without leaving the job. Most jobs were either full time or none at all. All this has changed now, as technology has given a great advantage to employees and permanent owners, and they can start their own projects as a side business without leaving the basic job that gives them a stable income.”

7 smart ways to start a successful business without quitting the job

The absence of small business ideas that are suitable for being a side business and do not prevent maintaining the basic job, is the biggest challenge faced by everyone who wants to own a side project that serves as an additional income.

Robert Kiyosaki suggests 7 ways you can start your own business without quitting your job:

1. Focus on the product, not the services

The first idea that comes to the employee’s mind is to exploit the skills he uses in the business world, and present it as a consulting service to build a business focused on consulting. The problem with consulting work, especially if it is a side business, is that you do not have a private business, but rather a job. Services is a tough line of business because you have to sell your time in it. If you don’t work, you won’t make any money, and when you keep your full-time jobs, doing a consulting service on the side will eventually ruin you.

Instead of selling services, find a way to create a product. If you are going to provide a consulting service, put together a course or course that you can sell, and if you are a writer, write books that you can sell. Many writers sell their books on Amazon as e-books for $1 a copy, and make money even while they sleep.

Thinking about the services that you can provide, and finding the product in them is very smart and creative. If you do this, you will make profits even if you are not working. Really, it’s an excellent and useful idea.

2. Turn your hobby into a business

Starting a new project takes a lot of time, so it’s best to do something you enjoy from the start. Think about how you spend your free time, what is something you are really passionate about?

Perhaps you are passionate about cooking, for example. Now find a way to make money cooking. If you love fishing, open a shop for its tools, if you are an avid reader and love to write a thousand books, turn your love for sweets into a love for making sweets… Employ your art to serve your work, for gigantic works are the ones in which art, science and hobby intertwine.

Find the things you love and find a way to make money from them. And you won’t feel like you’re doing a job until then.

3. Learn how to invest

How do I start my project without needing to work? Another way to build an outstanding side business is to create a venture business. This means investments that require a small amount of capital, in addition to a small contribution of your time and effort. You can invest your savings in buying reliable financial assets that generate decent incomes that may exceed your salary in the current job, and this is a smart step towards financial freedom.

This requires investing part of your time in financial education, as well as prioritizing saving money with the aim of investing it, but once you get into the game, there is no limit to your ambition, and you can easily do this business in your spare time.

4. Focus on running the business and don’t do everything alone

Many of those who own a business or a side project seek to do all the work themselves, but it would be better to find a professional person in your field or even an employee or two who can work with you so that you spend the important part of your time managing and developing the business better.

For example, I know a writer who gets freelance writing jobs all the time, passes them on to a team of other writers and then reviews the final product, making a profit margin. In this way he was able to take on several jobs that he could never have done alone, and make a profit from each of them, while working as an ordinary employee during the day.

Focusing on growing your business from the start will help you grow and build your business into more than just a side business.

5. Work on forming a distinguished work team

A lot of business owners and side projects are misers, trying to save money on things like accounting and legal, but because they are not trained in these things, they end up paying a greater cost in the long run, both in time and in lost opportunity ( The cost of the alternative we choose (measured by the cost of the best alternative we did not choose) or tax charges..

Gather an outstanding team to work with you. If necessary, appoint a good certified public accountant and a good lawyer. If you are investing in real estate, work with a professional, successful, and reputable broker. Focus on what you can do best, and let others do the rest.

6. Set your schedule efficiently

How do I start my project when I work full time? This is a common excuse for some people not to start their own business. I don’t have time for them. This is nonsense, if most people look at the way they spend their time, they will see that they have a lot of time available for a side business. The problem is that most people let their schedule control them rather than them controlling it.

If you want to run a successful side business while maintaining your core business, you must become an expert in managing productivity and time. Cut back on TV, stop going out for drinks, and settle down to focus on your work. You’d be surprised how much work you can do in an hour or two in the evening, or just half a day on a day off.

7. Take advantage of technology

The last point is that there are many technological means that can help you reduce the time of many tasks that used to take long hours before and finish them in just a few seconds or minutes. Do your research and exploit customer service management software and marketing automation software to automate your mandatory emails, and use management software like Quickbooks, which you can use via your smartphone, to track expenses and income while you’re on the go. Use a service like Shoeboxed to scan and search your important documents. Use project management software to help you manage your team. The opportunities to exploit technology are endless.

Don’t worry, there will come a time when you will have to quit your job if you follow the tips above. Because you are already off to an excellent start, then you can now start building your own business alongside your main business. Start today, and you’ll be great tomorrow.

The ball is in your court now, you can advance your financial situation whenever you want, and you can also lay the foundation for building a bright financial future, and the best time to start planning for that future is today.. and now.. not the previous month or year.

Have you started a project besides the job before? Did you notice anything special that you tell us about? Share your experience, challenges, success…


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