What are the advantages of E – commerce for customers?

 What are the advantages of E – commerce for customers?

What are the advantages of E - commerce for customers?

In the era of the Internet, in which electronic commerce has spread tremendously, there is no doubt that the advantages of electronic commerce are very many. For businessmen, it became possible to avoid the hardship of traveling to meet their partners and customers, and they were able to reduce the time and money to promote their goods and display them in the markets.

As for the customers, they do not have to move around a lot to get what they want, or stand in a long line, or even use traditional money; It is sufficient to own a computer, an Internet browser program, and an Internet subscription.

There is an actual and clear increase in the volume of e-commerce beyond imagination and expectations.

Advantages of e-commerce for companies and institutions

eCommerce expands the market to an international and global scale, so with a few costs any company can find more consumers, better suppliers, and more suitable partners, quickly and easily.

Among the advantages of electronic commerce is also that it reduces the costs of creating, processing, distributing, saving and retrieving paper information, for example: if an electronic procurement department exists, companies can cut the administrative costs of purchasing by 85%.

E-commerce allows the reduction of inventories, by using the withdrawal process in the supply chain management system. In the withdrawal system, the process begins with obtaining a commercial order from the consumer, and providing the consumer with his order through the appropriate time manufacturing Just-in-Time.

The withdrawal process allows the product or service to be manufactured according to the buyer’s requirements, and this gives the company a commercial advantage over its competitors.

E-commerce causes re-engineering of business processes, and through this change, the productivity of salesmen, employees and administrators jumps to more than 100%.

Reducing the time between paying money and obtaining products and services.. The ability to create highly specialized trades.. and many advantages and benefits offered by electronic commerce.

2- The advantages of electronic commerce for consumers

E-commerce gives the consumer the option to shop or complete his transactions – 24 hours a day, any day of the year, and from anywhere on Earth. It offers the consumer a lot of options. Because of the accessibility of products and companies that were not available near the consumer.

In many cases, e-commerce is one of the cheapest places to shop. Because the seller can shop on many sites on the Internet, and easily compare the goods of each company with another; So at last he will be able to get the best offer, while it is more difficult if he has to visit every different geographical location, just to compare the goods of each company with another.

In some cases, especially with digital products, such as: e-book, e-commerce enables the buyer to send the goods quickly and easily to the seller. Customers are able to obtain the necessary information within seconds or minutes, through electronic commerce, and on the other hand, it may take days and weeks; In order to get a response – if you requested information from a physical site.

E-commerce allows customers to exchange experiences and opinions regarding products and services, and it makes it easier for consumers to obtain reviews and evaluations of products from different places on the Internet before making a purchase decision.

Finally, e-commerce encourages competition. Which means lower prices and quality of products.

3- The advantages of electronic commerce for society

E-commerce allows the individual to work at home, and reduces the time available for shopping. This means less traffic congestion in the streets, which leads to lower air pollution.

E-commerce allows people living in third world countries to own products and goods that are not available in their home countries, and they can also obtain university degrees online.

Thanks to electronic commerce, some goods can be sold at low prices, and thus individuals – with low material incomes – can buy these goods; Which means an increase in the standard of living for the whole community.

Finally, e-commerce facilitates the distribution of public services, such as: health, education, and social services at a lower price and with higher efficiency.