The most popular digital currency

 The most popular digital currency

Cryptocurrency prices have fallen significantly in recent weeks, but despite that, this is still a great year for the industry. In this report, we analyzed the top 300 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization to see which of them experienced extraordinary growth during 2021. If you spent $100 on any of the currencies below at the beginning of 2021, you would have earned at least $1,100 today. So, which are the top cryptocurrencies that achieved gains of 1000% or more during 2021? Let’s take a  look at it now.

What are the most popular digital currencies?

Here is now a list of the top cryptocurrencies that achieved more than 1000% upward growth during 2021:

The most performing type of cryptocurrency domain
Sorting cryptocurrencies into specific categories cannot be done easily, because they often do more than one thing and specialize in more than one thing. For example, there is little overlap between gaming, the metaverse, and Web 3.0. Some Decentralized Finance (DeFi) cryptocurrencies can also be classified as Web 3.0 or even digital exchanges.
However, even a broad cryptocurrency ranking gives us a good idea of ​​which areas of cryptocurrency are rising the most, and which have outperformed during 2021.
DeFi continues to lead the crypto world, with 16 cryptocurrencies reaping high benefits along with payment solutions and other asset management products. Gaming currencies and metaverses have been booming in recent months, so it’s not too surprising to see a good number of them rank at the top. The cryptocurrency has performed relatively well, although we triple-counted Binance Coin due to its number of composite issuances.
The Web 3.0 field is a topic that people are talking about more and more recently. It is basically the next incarnation of the internet, and includes a set of decentralized digital currencies that offer rewards for participating in the network. For example, the New Kind of Network coin incentivizes users to share unused bandwidth.
What’s interesting is that there is only one meme coin on the list of top cryptocurrencies that has gained over 1,000% during 2021. This is partly due to the fact that some high-performing meme coins such as the Shiba Inu (SHIB) were not included. in the analysis because they were not present on the first of January. But the fact that meme coins are not based on strong fundamentals also means that they are less likely to sustain any price jumps.
Some of the cryptocurrencies listed above in the list of top cryptocurrencies may continue to perform well in 2022, but there is no guarantee of that especially since this is a fast-moving and highly volatile industry. Sometimes it ends up finding the top cryptocurrency today experiencing the biggest drops tomorrow. If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency in 2022, don’t spend money you can’t afford to lose hoping to see 1,000% returns. These currencies have outperformed expectations, but many of the top cryptocurrencies have already lost a lot of value. So be careful and invest only after studying your investment in all respects and aspects
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