Top 12 Project in Turkey is 100% profitable and inexpensive

 12 The best project in Turkey is 100% profitable and inexpensive

12 The best project in Turkey is 100% profitable and inexpensive

Are you looking for the best successful projects in Turkey? Need advice on the best small business investment opportunities in Turkey? We advise you to keep reading, because we are going to share with you a list of promising small businesses in Turkey.

Turkey’s economy ranks sixteenth in the world and is currently the sixth largest in Europe. Hence, Turkey is a high growth market for many investments and businesses. Turkey’s growth record, its young and talented workforce, and its strategic location between Asia and Europe make it a very attractive destination for growth and investment.

Turkey is famous for having 80% of the world’s hazelnut exports, and its GDP ranks 17th in the world according to Purchasing Power Parity. Export is the main driving sector of the Turkish economy, and the automotive industry is at the forefront in this sector. Major exports also in Turkey include nuts, ships, petroleum, chemical vessels, consumer electronics, home appliances (brands like Beko and Vestel are some of the best around), petrochemical products, textiles, processed foods, etc.

Among the sectors that open a wide door for starting small projects in Turkey, we find the services sector, which represents about 65% of the Turkish GDP, while the agricultural sector represents about 26% of it, but the agricultural sector is still one of the largest labor markets in Turkey. Tourism also represents one of the main sources of revenue, and Turkey ranks sixth among the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and the banking sector and the construction industry represent one of the other major sources of revenue.

Turkey has become a favorite destination for foreign investors, as the Turkish government has undertaken an economic reform focused on privatizing government-owned industries and liberalizing another pivotal sector of the economy, which has enhanced investment opportunities in small businesses in Turkey.

Small projects in Turkey: 12 best projects in Turkey

If you are an investor and intend to start a business in Turkey, you should keep in mind the following list that includes the best projects in Turkey:

1. Constructions.

The construction industry is one of the pivotal sectors in Turkey, and one of the main drivers of public and private investment in the country. It is true that there are many construction companies in Turkey, but there are still many gaps in the environment and energy infrastructure.

Therefore, there are huge opportunities for investors to work in the construction sector, and if you have a strong background in engineering or construction, you will be able to start working in Turkey easily, or you can establish a business that sells raw materials used in the field of construction.

2. Auto and metal.

Only 25% of the Turkish population owns a car, but the consumer middle class has been increasing in size since 2000, and thus an exponential growth in domestic car use is expected. Moreover, there is a significant shortage of suppliers in the diversified auto parts sector. Hence, you can make a huge profit if you can start working in the field of selling cars or spare parts in Turkey.

3. Energy.

Turkey has become an excellent place to invest in energy after various measures taken by the Turkish government in recent years, especially measures related to easing legal restrictions and privatization, and strategies to increase domestic demand for approved energy. Turkey’s energy sector is one of the few sectors in which the government welcomes newcomers with open arms.

4. Packaged fast foods.

With more women working full time, the demand for processed and packaged meals, frozen foods and snacks is constantly increasing. Turkey’s food industry has achieved steady growth in recent years, and changes in market trends are making the market grow at a faster rate.

5. Textiles.

The textile industry is one of the most important industries in the Turkish economy, accounting for 10.8% of the GDP. Turkey is also known as a major producer of textiles, and it welcomes investors at any time. The textile industry is one of the leading sectors in terms of investment, employment, manufacturing and overall economic indicators, and there is a huge demand for textile products in Turkey.

If you are looking for the best projects in Turkey to invest in, and you intend to enter the Turkish market as a major investor, you should consider establishing your own textile manufacturing company, as the manufactured textile market in Turkey is large and welcomes new business opportunities.

6. Tourism.

Turkey ranked sixth in the list of the most visited countries in the world, and ranked ninth in the list of income generated from tourism, according to 2011 statistics. This statistic proves that tourism is a pivotal sector in the country’s economy, and further development can still be achieved in this sector due to the natural beauty that Turkey is characterized by its rich cultural assets.

7. Hazelnut cultivation and export.

Statistics found that Turkey is responsible for about 80 percent of the world’s hazelnut production and export. Hazelnuts are a kind of sweet-flavored nut that grows easily in Turkey. If you intend to start a successful project in Turkey, you have the opportunity to invest in the agricultural sector, and specifically the sector of cultivation and export of hazelnuts, as Turkey contains some of the best lands suitable for growing this type of nuts.

8. Electronics and home appliances store.

The electronics and home appliances industry in Turkey is a growing industry in Europe and Asia, with brands such as Beko and Vestel proving to be strong competitors to the world’s leading electronics brands. You will be able to make a decent profit at all if you start your own business in the field of selling electronics and home appliances in any city in Turkey.

9. Financial advisory services.

The service industry makes an enormous contribution to Turkey’s GDP, with the financial sector at the forefront of this industry. If you are a financial expert, you can start a financial advisory firm, and attract diverse clients, from small-scale institutions to large industrial conglomerates, this will depend on your history in the field and your skills. This type of business is very profitable in Turkey.

10. Exchange office.

Turkey’s rank sixth in the list of the most popular tourist destinations in the world means that any business serving tourists will thrive in Turkey. An “Exchange Bureau” is a business that can be established very easily in Turkey, and you can easily make profits from it due to the high volume of travelers and visitors. If you intend to establish an exchange office, be sure to rent an office close to the airport or one of the best hotels in Turkey.

11. A cleaning services company (specializing in cleaning before and after construction work).

The construction industry is another large contributor to Turkey’s GDP. If you do not have enough funds to invest in working as a construction contractor, you can enter the industry as a pre and post construction cleaning agency.

The basic capital that you must spend to establish this type of business is the cost of acquiring cleaning equipment, and if you buy good equipment, it will stay with you for a long time. You can add other cleaning service offers, such as public building cleaning, garden cleaning, and more.

12. A holiday apartment reservation and rental company.

If you want to get a share of the profits of the tourism industry, you can set up a holiday apartment reservation and rental company in Turkey. There is no doubt that you will get enough clients if you can build a good reputation for your company and offer affordable apartments.

We have provided you with more than 10 successful and profitable small business ideas in Turkey, and your role now is to sit down and think about ways and ideas to explore these business opportunities, and choose the appropriate idea. If you have enough information about the market and enough capital to establish a start-up business, you will be able to establish a successful project in Turkey.


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