Business ideas to invest in virtual reality technology

  Business ideas to invest in virtual reality technology

Business ideas to invest in virtual reality technology

Virtual reality is one of the words that sparked great controversy in a number of foreign countries, whether this is one of the greatest discoveries of mankind or is it one of the things that will cause a failure in direct social communication between people, but before we decide whether it is the end For human communication or new technology that will change the form of content presentation, let’s see first what VR is and how it can be applied in business.

Virtual reality is a technology that provides the ability to interact with computer images in a way that has not been tested before, as by using this technology, the viewer can live a realistic experience of the content that they see through glasses created by international companies such as Samsung and Google that make you live in the videos that you watch, I mean, imagine with me that you are now wearing glasses and watching an advertisement, and you will find yourself standing in the middle of the actors, as if you were with them exactly.

But the issue did not stop at the idea of ​​freshness and videos only. No, this has grown and many industries have begun to turn to this technology in order to provide a new experience for the user that has not been seen before.

1- Cafe Vr

Since 2004, the idea of ​​the Internet is sufficient, present in Egypt, and it was able to prove itself and continue to exist until this time, and after a while, the idea of ​​Playstation stores appeared, which developed after that and started to appear Playstation Café and on the same approach in a number of foreign countries such as America, Germany and Thailand appeared VR Café projects, which is about giving customers the opportunity to experience this technology in public places.

As for the implementation of this idea in the Egyptian market, it is considered a profitable idea, and this is because it will remain new to the market and many people will go to try it. However, the Egyptian market is large, so the market is saturated with a service like this, which will not happen easily, in addition to that we in Egypt have been interested in this new technology, but The idea is popping up in many places.

And it has a group of activities that you can do in the Internet Café:

• Watching 3D movies
• Play VR games
• Using VR in social media
• Read three-dimensional books
• Meditation
• strolling

2- Real estate projects

One of the useful uses in the field of real estate is the use of VR glasses in presentations to customers. This means imagine that the customer who is coming to watch a specific project that is still under construction, and you as a sales employee, instead of looking at carpets and maps, you will simply make him wear these glasses and watch as if he is inside the property that he is going to buy.

The idea itself is not new. Many real estate companies abroad have begun to apply this technology, and I think that something like this in the Egyptian market will be useful for the real estate field, especially since we in Egypt sell projects that have long periods of time until they are handed over. The real estate market does not discuss the property except after reviewing the papers and illustrations.

3- Marketing using VR

Virtual reality in marketing is considered one of the dreams that, if realized, will be able to change the features of the entire industry. Imagine that you find yourself living in an advertisement, for example, you find yourself singing with Sayed Shaybah in a Vodafone advertisement, or standing next to Mohamed Ramadan in an Etisalat advertisement, except that in Many marketers will resort to other uses to market their products, such as 360-degree VR promotional videos, virtual reality ads, and the use of VR in social media, but I don’t think that the application of VR in the marketing industry in Egypt will be as easy as we imagine it, because simply for it to spread, it must spread with it. The glasses are with the public, which is difficult because the price of freshness starts at $99.

4- VR in sports

It is not unlikely that one day you will find yourself wearing glasses and watching the match as if you are sitting in the stadium exactly, or that you are attending the World Cup without going to Russia, but this issue is applied in Egypt, so I think it will be a little difficult, and this is because the 360 ​​cameras that photograph all angles are difficult to We save it to use it to shoot matches.

5- VR in libraries

One of the ideas that has been spread and applied in a number of countries is the virtual libraries that allow the user to visit famous libraries, read books, attend seminars and participate in workshops, but the real advantage of this idea is that it will provide an opportunity for people who suffer from physical disabilities. In that they get the opportunity to learn and develop by themselves.

In the end.. the VR is a new technology and it will certainly have a significant impact on business in the coming period, and although many people say that it may fail, I would like to tell you that the mobiles that work with touch, many people said that it will fail in the beginning, so that is why they tried to follow the coming period This technology, because it can be a strong opportunity for your business.