The concept of e-marketing and its types

 The concept of e-marketing and its types

The concept of e-marketing and its types

The concept of e-marketing is simply all marketing that takes place via the Internet. As we move from billboards and newspaper ads to an increasingly digital world, internet marketing has become an integral part of every business’s marketing efforts. In addition, the e-marketing options are many and very diverse.

Definition of the concept of electronic marketing
While e-commerce describes the exploitation of electronic means and platforms to carry out the company’s business. Electronic marketing (also referred to as Internet marketing) uses electronic communication technologies including the Internet, smart mobile phones, and computers to achieve marketing goals (McDonald and Wilson, 1999). More specifically, e-marketing depicts a company’s efforts to inform and communicate with buyers, and to promote and sell its products and services over the Internet (Kotler and Keller, 2006).

As with traditional marketing, e-marketing is based on a strategy that helps a business deliver the right messages and products/services to the right audience. This strategy includes all activities and operations for the purpose of finding, obtaining and retaining customers. The fundamental difference is that e-marketing has a wider scope and options compared to traditional marketing methods.

E-marketing is considered broad, as it not only refers to online marketing and promotions, but also includes email marketing and others. E-marketing also includes digital customer data management, electronic customer relationship management (ECRM), and many other business management functions.

The definition of traditional marketing can be easily adapted to e-marketing: The concept of e-marketing can then be defined as a set of strategies and tactics that are implemented through digital channels to reach company goals within the specified time frame and budget.

Types of email marketing

There are several ways companies can use the Internet for marketing. Some methods of e-marketing are:

Marketing through the SEO service

This marketing is only for the owners of websites or web sites, regardless of their format, whether it is blogs, news newspapers, online stores, and other different sites. And we are working on it in order to target the largest number of words that attract visitors to control them in search engines, especially the Google search engine, such as (mobile application design, e-marketing, e-marketing company number, etc.).

SEM marketing

This method is used in parallel with the SEO marketing service in the event that the competition for the target words is difficult, and we use the Google Adwords service to advertise your services within the sites and YouTube videos, as well as in advanced results on the target words in the Google search engine so that your ad becomes on the first page On those words that pump visitors interested in the service or product that you provide.

SMM marketing

It is financing and promoting your product or service through paid advertisements on social media sites, such as carrying out an advertising campaign on the social networking site Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many different social media platforms that serve the paid funded advertising system.

There are many other e-marketing methods, such as e-marketing via e-mail, publishing in forums, or placing your site in different directories, but you will not provide a large percentage of information. You may provide only 1% information, and it may not reach that percentage at all.

Advantages of e-marketing

Better return on investment than traditional marketing because it helps to increase sales revenue.

E-marketing means reducing the cost of the marketing campaign because it is done via the Internet

Quick campaign result as it helps to target the right customers.

Increased ability to measure and collect data. And the ease of tracking performance with web tracking software makes e-marketing highly efficient.

The Internet provides a “24/7” service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to its users. It enables to serve customers all over the world, and the customer can shop or order the product at any time.

The cost of getting your post online is very low. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin allow you to freely advertise and promote your business.

You can easily and instantly communicate with registered customers or subscribers through e-mail.

The company can also offer its (digital) products directly to customers without having to use traditional delivery methods.

Increased interaction and global reach without borders.

Disadvantages of e-marketing

Everywhere you will discover the presence of some bad people and vandals, and therefore also in this field you will find those who carry out fraud and fraud from behind the screen.

Hacking websites and social media accounts that help you officially in marketing, buying and selling.

Falling into unreliable shipping companies, these companies negatively affect your site, your services, and your entire e-marketing.

Theft of credit card data, and this is considered one of the most serious defects in electronic marketing.

The arrival of a product other than the one offered by unscrupulous sellers, and therefore the buyer is afraid of repeating the e-marketing experience.


The concept of e-marketing is, in short, a digital marketing method that generates a lot of engagement and needs to be backed by data to be fully successful. All you have to do is take advantage of the power of the internet and start coming up with ideas that you can use e-marketing strategies in your marketing agenda.