Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED

 Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED 

 Istanbul Museums: A guide to the most important museums in Istanbul, Turkey

Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED

Istanbul museums are distinguished as one of the best entertainment places in Istanbul if you are coming for the purpose of tourism in Istanbul, the city of Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in Turkey and its roots are deep in history and it contains many tourist and archaeological attractions, including various museums,

Istanbul is characterized by its many wonderful and amazing museums, which make your visit to it an unforgettable visit, making you live a world of pleasure and excitement, some of which are in the atmosphere of picturesque nature, while others are buzzing with the ancient Ottoman civilization.

Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED

A visit to Istanbul is not complete without visiting those museums that provide us with a deep glimpse of the ancient Ottoman Empire in all its details and make you live moments from ancient times.

The most important museums in Istanbul

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  • Snow Museum
  • Chocolate Museum
  • Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Topkap Museum
  • Istanbul Archaeological Museum
  • Wax Museum in Istanbul
  • Istanbul panorama
  • Dinosaur Museum
  • Sultans Palace
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 Snow Museum

The museum is considered one of the strangest museums, as it is built of ice and snow on an area of ​​1,400 square meters, in the atmosphere of the Arctic in the center of Istanbul, in Eskimo clothes. It is entered through ice tunnels, and roaming between snow statues and ice sculptures 8 meters long. It is located on an area of ​​approximately 1400 square meters.

The museum also includes a number of wonderful boats made of snow, each of which is about 8 meters long, in addition to large collections of impressive snow sculptures and exhibits that attract attention and attract hearts. Visitors enter the Snow City through an ice tunnel to begin the journey of fun and suspense. The museum includes several sections, the first of which provides explanations and information about the Vikings through writing on ice.

The Snow Museum is located in Istanbul within the Istanbul Forum shopping center located in the Bayrampasa district. The Snow Museum can be easily reached from Taksim Square via bus 32T or by bus No. 32 from Eminonu. Entry ticket prices are: 20 TL for adults 15 TL for children

 Chocolate Museum

Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED

An integrated museum of black and white chocolate was designed, inside the Plate Chocolate Factory, a four-story height carved by Turkish artists, to be the most delicious museum in Istanbul by tasting hot chocolate from a chocolate waterfall that included figures of different animals and birds, the suspension bridge, Sultan Selim Mosque. You can find structures and figures of Turkish and Ottoman personalities such as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.

It is located inside the Plate Chocolate Factory, in Esenyurt, north of Istanbul. You can buy the most beautiful souvenirs, including models of Istanbul landmarks made of chocolate, or get some of the products of the Chocolate Factory in Istanbul. The Istanbul Chocolate Museum working hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm. Entrance prices The entry price from 6 years old and above is 20 TL. For children from 0 to 5 years old, admission is free.

The Chocolate Museum in Istanbul can be reached from Taksim in several ways, including the metro: by taking the Yenikapi metro and then bus No. 146T, or by bus by taking bus No. 76D, from Taksim station to Yesiltepe station near the museum. Or Bus No. 76E from Taksim Station to Yesiltepe Station near the Museum, or Bus No. 79T from Taksim Station to H Alani, then take Bus No. 146 to the Museum directly.

 Hagia Sophia Museum

Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED

The museum is considered one of the most important museums in Istanbul and the shrines that witness a great turnout in Turkey. It is located in the European section in the Sultanahmet area. It contains several different sections, including the Istanbul Museum of the Antiquities of the Messenger, and each section is characterized by different antiquities and antiques. It attracts many tourists to enjoy its amazing building and wonderful decorations, which date back to wonderful periods of the era of the Turkish state. The museum witnesses an annual increase in the number of tourists and visitors, especially from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The museum was built on a church 16 centuries ago, and it turned into a mosque in the Ottoman era after the conquest of Istanbul / Constantinople, 1453 AD, by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, nicknamed the Conqueror, and it continued as a mosque after the establishment of the Turkish Republic in the last century. Later, it became the Hagia Sophia Museum.

Visiting hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Monday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Entrance tickets are 72 TL for adults and children under 8 years of age. Entry is free.

Topkap Museum

Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED

This museum was specialized in the administration of government during the Ottoman Sultanate. It is designed in the form of Ottoman camps. It is a museum rich in archaeological and historical holdings, gifts and jewelry that were presented to its princesses. Inside, it includes spacious halls overlooking the Bosphorus, dining halls.

It also includes balconies with decorations and inscriptions in Ottoman letters, and the Haramlik, with 250 rooms, is rich in Chinese and European porcelain, weapons, clothes, vehicles, jewelry of precious stones, decorations, medals, and things made of precious metals such as gold and silver. Visits are daily, except for Tuesday. The ticket price is 15 Turkish liras.

It covers an area of ​​seven hundred thousand square meters and is surrounded by five kilometers of walls. It is an amazing museum, the most important of which is the pavilion of the rag of happiness, as it contains sacred deposits such as the sword of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, his footprints, his bow, hairs from his honorable beard, and some of his personal items, in addition to the swords of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, the turban of Joseph, peace be upon him, and many other deposits. Holy.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

The Istanbul Archaeological Museum is located in the Eminonu region, near the Topkapı. The Archaeological Museum is full of rich collections of archaeological holdings and symbols of civilizations and cultures from hundreds of years, estimated at one million artifacts, distributed in three sections: the Museum of Antiquities, the Museum of the Ancient East, and the Museum of Islamic Art.. Visiting hours: Winter from 9-5 – Summer from 9-7. Ticket price is 10 TL.

Among the most important works displayed in the Istanbul Archeology Museum are the Treaty of Kadesh (between the Hittites and the Egyptians), which is considered the treaty to be the first to be written in the world, the Alexander Sarcophagus, and Greek statues from ancient times are displayed in the museum.

This museum was built in Istanbul in the late Ottoman era and is considered one of the most comprehensive archaeological collections in the world.

Wax Museum in Istanbul

The Wax Museum in Istanbul is the first wax museum in Turkey. It includes 60 real wax statues. It took nearly 3 months to carve each figure. The museum was opened in 2012. It consists of 3 main rooms, each room specializing in the personalities of a particular era.

The museum contains historical figures such as Genghis Khan, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. European figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and modern-day figures Michael Jackson

Masks were made for the hands and feet of real characters according to their natural sizes. Visiting hours are daily from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm. Entrance ticket is from 8-10 Turkish liras. Free for children and journalists.

Rahmi Koc Museum, Istanbul

The Rahmi Koc Museum is located on the northern shore of the Golden Horn in the Hasköy region. This museum specializes in the history of transportation, industry and communications in Turkey.. It was opened in 1994.

The museum consists of the ground transportation exhibition, which includes racing cars and historical cars. And the railway transport exhibition displays a model of Istanbul trams and steam locomotives. And the exhibition of marine transport ships and lifeboats. Air Transport Exhibition: Aircraft and Engine Models. And the Engineering Gallery: It displays engines dating back to the 19th century. And the Communications Gallery: Models of telegraphs and photographs.

As for the visiting times, they are daily, except for Mondays. Entrance fees: 12 pounds for adults and 5 pounds for children.

Istanbul panorama

Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED

This museum is considered a historical and tourist pole, and a cinematographic, cultural and artistic achievement that presents moving pictures fraught with effects dating back to 500 years ago, embodying exactly what happened when the Ottoman army entered with 80,000 fighters headed by Muhammad Al-Fateh. Narration with three-dimensional effects. The museum takes the form of a hemispherical building.

The museum consists of three floors below which is a souvenir shop. As for the top of the museum, the interesting and exciting panoramic display has become a source of inspiration for the artists and producers of Turkey. Audio guide 5 Turkish liras. Screens and illustrations are available. Entrance fee is 10 golden liras per day from 9.00 to 18.00. Effendi Markaz neighborhood, Markaz Park. His cultural bricks.

Dinosaur Museum

Top 10 Museums in Istanbul WWNEED

The Dinosaur Museum in Istanbul specializes in the world of dinosaurs of all kinds, and provides information about each type. It includes 70 models of dinosaurs in their natural sizes, in addition to the largest six-dimensional theater, a store displaying distinguished products. The museum is located in Mall of Istanbul, the Bayrampasa suburb of Dolmabahçe Saray.

Sultans Palace

The Sultans Palace Museum is the center of the rulers in the Ottoman Empire. It is located in the Besiktas region, the European section. It was built specifically for Sultan Abd al-Majid I by the most famous architect of that period of the Ottomans and Armenians, at a cost of 3 million gold pieces, decorations worth 14 tons of gold and 60 tons of silver. It is considered one of the best museums in Istanbul.

It contains the largest crystal chandelier in the world. Numerical sections include: the Haramlek, the Salamak, the Clock Tower, and the Glass Palace. Visiting times are daily from 9 am to 4 pm, except for Mondays and Thursdays.

We hope, dear tourist, that we have provided you with important information about the most important museums in Istanbul, and the reality remains better. When you visit these museums or some of them, you will find a lot of interest and fun, and you will spend wonderful times with the family.