The best tourist attractions in Dammam

 The best tourist attractions in Dammam

The best tourist attractions in Dammam

Dammam is a Saudi tourist city for families par excellence, located on the shore of the Arabian Gulf, and is considered the main sea port in the eastern region of the Kingdom.

It is one of the most beautiful Saudi cities and is distinguished by its mild climate and fresh air. It also includes wonderful beaches, and it has a variety of markets in which famous international brands are present. Indescribable family happiness.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the most important tourist places for families in the Saudi city of Dammam, with a description of what each site provides of various services and recreational activities.

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  • Dolphin Village
  • Dammam sea front
  • Coral Island
  • Mudon Lake
  • Happy Land
  • Folk Village Museum
  • Fun Time Theme Park
  • Dammam malls
  • a summary

Dolphin Village

Dolphin Village is a wonderful tourist resort in the city of Dammam. It is dedicated to families and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in this city. It has a wonderful design and contains many chalets and luxurious restaurants.

Tourists in this village can enjoy watching marine shows of highly trained dolphins, and they can also watch sea lions.

In addition, the tourist can enjoy the sights of the animals in the wild that are present there, such as rabbits and squirrels. The village also contains a medium-sized fish tank that contains most of the unique fish species. Tourists can see them and enjoy their beautiful scenery. The village also includes one of the most beautiful amusement parks in the city. Dammam, which can provide tourists with an abundance of fun, comfort, entertainment and entertainment.

Dammam sea front

The Dammam Waterfront is considered one of the finest tourist places in Dammam for families. It is located on the western side of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Street, overlooking the Dammam Corniche. It is considered a center of attraction for tourists from the inside and outside. It covers an area of ​​four square kilometers.

The visitor can find many recreational projects for children and adults, as it includes many luxurious restaurants and cafes, and there is also a large car park that can accommodate 3000 cars.

The city is considered a wonderful place for lovers of fresh and fresh air and for lovers of picturesque landscapes, in addition to that the tourist can practice his hobby of fishing and practice some marine sports such as beach soccer.

Among the most important entertainment projects that the visitor finds are entertainment projects such as a bowling alley, a place for celebrations, and children’s games.

The best tourist attractions in Dammam

Coral Island

Al-Marjan Island is considered a tourist area par excellence located on the waterfront of the city and contains a lot of green areas and beautiful and picturesque scenery, where trees, palm trees and multi-colored flowers stand.

The island has a lot of vital services and facilities that facilitate the tourist’s visit to this city and make him enjoy the stunning scenery.

The city’s services are not limited to services for families, but the island provides entertainment services for young people, such as football, basketball and football fields. The island also includes paths for walking and enjoying the beauty of the island with a length of 5,500 meters, other paths for running, and a place for cycling enthusiasts.

A sea boat trip and a transfer to the Dammam Corniche are also offered during organized trips on board a luxury marine ship equipped with many entertainment and fun activities to enjoy seeing the features of the region from the middle of the water, especially during the night.

The best tourist attractions in Dammam

Mudon Lake

Mudon Lake is considered one of the largest artificial lakes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with an area of ​​​​210 thousand meters surrounded by palm trees.

There are also areas equipped for children to play, and for lovers of wildlife and birds. Mudon Lake contains a special place that includes a number of birds such as ducks, seagulls, geese and other birds, and it is possible to practice the hobby of walking in it and enjoying the stunning views.

Happy Land

Happiness Island is an entertainment place for children, but it also attracts the admiration of adults and can provide them with fun times, and it is considered one of the most famous entertainment places in the city.

It is a suitable place for the whole family to enjoy a round of fun and entertainment. Happy Land includes a modern and equipped video game hall, an artificial lake, and an interesting and exciting group of amusement park games suitable for all ages, in addition to a Formula One karting hall for car racing fans, and a special area for playing paintball, which is interesting and exciting.

In short, this place caters to all hobbies for young and old.

Folk Village Museum

The Folk Village Museum is an attractive place for fans of folklore and ancient civilization, and for everyone who has nostalgia for the ancient past and the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The popular village is one of the most important and oldest tourist places in Dammam for families, as it provides you with a journey through time and represents the heritage face of the Arabian Peninsula region.

The design of the village is in the form of a historical palace or castle to suggest civilization and heritage, and it consists of 5 floors containing antiques that reflect the customs and traditions of the Kingdom throughout the ages.

The village also provides a number of distinctive cultural activities that revive the ancient, distinctive and dazzling customs of the Bedouin traditions of camel riding, preparation for wedding ceremonies, and hunting using falcons.

Those wishing to visit it can return themselves to ancient times and an ancient civilization that is still present in that place.

The best tourist attractions in Dammam

Fun Time Theme Park

Fun Time amusement park, which is distinguished by its unique exterior building, similar to the eastern castles.

It overlooks a distinctive view of the sea, which houses the Layalina Restaurant, which serves delicious meals, a pizzeria and a coffee shop, as well as an amusement park for children.

It is considered a desirable park for all families because it contains very special sessions open to the sea, where the water is clear and the air is fresh.

Among its distinctive services is that it provides closed cabins for couples and families for more privacy, which makes it the best place in Dammam for families.

The visitor to this place feels as if he is at home and does not detract from his privacy.

The best tourist attractions in Dammam

Dammam malls

Dammam malls are among the places most visited by tourists in Dammam, due to the fact that they contain the best and most famous international brands.

One of the most important malls in the city is Al-Aitham Mall, which is located on Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Street.

It is distinguished by its design, which takes the shape of a giant commercial ship, and is full of international brands, its own hypermarket, gaming halls, and large restaurants.

Al Shatea Mall is also a great shopping place, close to the Corniche and the waterfront of the city. It is located next to the Al-Ashiraa roundabout on Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Street. Al Shatea Mall includes many international brand stores and many entertainment places.

You will also find other important malls such as the Marina Mall and Dareen Mall, in addition to the Khaldun Plaza complex, the Dhahran complex, and the Al-Hayat complex.

All of these malls provide fun entertainment and marketing services for visitors, and happy times can be spent during their visit.

a summary

In the above explanation, we tried to give you an accurate description of the most important features of the wonderful tourist city of Dammam.

It is a city that deserves to be a destination for tourists from home and abroad, because of its unique tourist advantages, especially family tourism..The description remains part of the truth, and the actual visit to this city will surprise you and give you unforgettable moments…

And due to the diversity of tourist desires between young and old, this city possesses distinctive tourism ingredients and services that take into account all tastes and meet the desires of visitors of all ages.


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