Wheres My Droid: locate your lost or stolen Android device!

Wheres My Droid: locate your lost or stolen Android device! 

Wheres My Droid: locate your lost or stolen Android device!

Summer holidays are ideal for escaping to other places and decompressing the stress accumulated the rest of the year, especially when you live in the city. Nowadays, in addition to packing suitcases, many also prepare their electronic devices before departure.

But the holidays are also a time when it is much easier to lose or have your smartphone or tablet stolen. And unfortunately, in such cases, only half of the people return the objects they find.

We’ve chosen to introduce you to the Wheres My Droid app, which offers some great features to get your lost or stolen device back.

Wheres My Droid, to locate your lost or stolen device


This application has three modes of operation. First, you can send an SMS to your smartphone. The advantage of this option is that it allows you to send a text to your device (by default “WMD Ring“) to scare or trick the person who may have stolen it from you.

Also, this method will automatically put your smartphone in ring mode (if it was in silent or vibrate mode), increase the volume to the maximum and can ring for a configurable duration. The phone once recovered will send an SMS to report that the author has found it.

Now, if your device is too far away to hope to ring it, or if it is moreover a tablet, you will have to locate your device with the Android GPS. This method has the certain disadvantage that the GPS must be activated on the lost or stolen device, otherwise it cannot be located (before an Android update, the application could activate the GPS).

In the same way as for SMS, replace the default phrase “WMD GPS” with one of your choice. From there, your smartphone or tablet will be located using GPS data and the results can be viewed via Google’s Maps app.

Finally, a last feature (still in beta phase) will allow your lost device to take a photo with the front or rear camera, store it on your memory card and send it to the application site for you. send via a personal link.

Define a message for the photo sensor of your choice, and test the function. Upcoming updates will result in the stability of this feature, which may be useful for photographing the person responsible for the theft of your precious.

The application is available for free download on the Play Store:

[appbox googleplay wheres my droid com.alienmanfc6.wheresmyandroid]

Who among you uses an application of this kind to be able to locate his mobile device in the event of loss or theft? Do you find it convenient to have this kind of application?