The Dubai Dancing Fountain: the most important activities, ticket prices

 The Dubai Dancing Fountain: the most important activities, ticket prices 

The Dubai Dancing Fountain: the most important activities, ticket prices

The Dubai Dancing Fountain has become one of the main tourist attractions that has attracted millions of tourists and visitors since its opening in 2006. To dazzle those coming to check out the largest dancing fountain in the world. The fountain is located on a huge area of ​​30 acres and is close to most of the famous tourist attractions in Dubai, including Burj Khalifa.

It is characterized by the fact that it is equipped with 6,600 luminaires to excel in its work in dancing and rushing in a flexible and attractive manner. The fountain is also designed in a unique and wonderful way to push water in the air for a distance of up to 240 feet.

Discover the dancing Dubai Fountain

Learn about the Dubai Dancing Fountain, the most important entertainment activities, their launch dates, and ticket prices, as follows:

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  •  Activities in the dancing Dubai Fountain
  •  Where is the dancing fountain located in Dubai?
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  •  Fanadi is close to the dancing Dubai Fountain

Activities in the dancing Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Dancing Fountain is one of the modern landmarks that added to the Emirate of Dubai more modernity and modernity, which made it compete with the most beautiful international tourist attractions.

Approach the dancing fountain through the wooden boats that will take you on a fun journey at the timing of the fountain’s launch, and from there you will sail around the fountain to see its charming details. The duration of the trip is 30 minutes, which is long enough to see the rest of Dubai’s attractions closely.

Stroll freely away from the crowds of the city on the promenade of the dancing fountain that crosses the waterway to complete the image of the fountain and to be able to see the shows it offers more clearly, as the promenade is 272 meters long and is only 9 meters away from it.

Eat delicious Arabic dishes inside the restaurants overlooking the fountain, especially during times of the fountain rushing. You will also enjoy the national atmosphere and celebrations in the holidays and events that are held at the fountain.

Listen to different types of music, and taste different types of high-end arts, including classic ones, as well as modern ones, chosen by Emaar Real Estate Development Company.

Learn about the tourist attractions in Dubai that look at the dancing fountain, and also do not miss the opportunity to watch the dancing shows of the fountain from these attractions, so your visit will guarantee you dazzling entertainment and enjoyment. Especially from the Burj Khalifa, which is just a few steps away from the Dubai Dancing Fountain Center.

Shop at the Dubai Mall, the most famous shopping mall in Dubai. You will find everything you need from home supplies, clothes and decorations, and it is famous for selling the finest international brands.

Where is the dancing fountain located in Dubai?

The Dubai Dancing Fountain is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard – Downtown Dubai – UAE.

Dancing fountain dates dubai mall

The timings of the Dubai Dancing Fountain start from 6:00 am to 11 pm, with one show per half hour.

 Dancing fountain show tickets

It is very nice to see one of the most beautiful sights of Dubai for free without buying any tickets. It is worth noting that a sea boat or abra can be booked from the Abra ticket counter in The Dubai Mall.

Dancing fountain, Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the largest comprehensive commercial complex that brings entertainment and shopping together, in which a large group of shops selling international and local brands, gold markets, foodstuffs and others gather. It is located on an area of ​​one million square meters and includes more than 1,200 stores in addition to a wide range of international restaurants.

It includes other entertainment facilities, including a skating rink, Dubai Aquarium, children’s amusement park, and a cinema. After completing shopping in the Dubai Mall, you can go to the fountain, which is approximately 2 km away from the mall.

Palace Hotel in the city center

Palace Hotel Downtown is one of the luxurious 5-star hotels in the heart of the tide, with a charming view of the fountain and Burj Khalifa Lake, as well as other landmarks. It features an authentic oriental design and includes great facilities, including a fitness center, 4 different restaurants, and a swimming pool, 

Fanadi is close to the dancing Dubai Fountain

The fountain is located in the center of Dubai, where the finest places and tourist attractions gather around it, including luxury hotels that have a charming view of the fountain.

Address Downtown Hotel

Address Downtown Hotel is a 5-star luxury landmark in Dubai. It has a direct view of Burj Khalifa and is connected to it via a bridge for easy access for visitors. It has excellent facilities and services to combine entertainment and accommodation for guests, as it includes a rooftop cafe, swimming pool, health center, spa, and fitness center.