Ski Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices,

 Ski Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices,

Ski Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices,

Ski Dubai is considered the best recreational tourist resort in the city of Dubai. Millions of tourists come to this huge place every year to enjoy recreational activities that are not found in any other recreational resort, not only in the UAE but also in the whole world. It is a more than wonderful place, suitable for children and adults alike. Alike, a snowy kingdom worth adventure, and discovering its activities and facilities.

Discover Ski Dubai

If you want to know the activities and facilities inside Ski Dubai that attract tourists, follow this article with us until the end.

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  • The most important activities in Ski Dubai
  • Features of Ski Dubai The snow park
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  • Ski Dubai ticket prices
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  • How old is allowed to enter Ski Dubai?

 The most important activities in Ski Dubai

One of the most important tourist destinations located in the city of Dubai, it contains real snow in the entire place, and therefore a variety of fun snow activities that suit adults and children alike, among the most popular activities for people are the following:

 Snow school

Ski Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices,

If you do not know how to snowboard, the snow school has specialized instructors to teach adults and children how to snowboard, and enjoy this wonderful game. Training in groups is great and even more humorous for some, and special training is also available to develop your skill in this game.

Meet the snowy penguins

One of the most beloved activities for children is seeing the snow penguins up close, and enjoying their performances. The penguins create a wonderful atmosphere in the place as they are in a place full of snow, like the North Pole, and to feel that atmosphere with the penguins, there are special clothes for this adventure that fit all sizes.

Snow Bullet

Launching in the air suspended by ropes at a height of 16 square meters, and seeing the snow from below is a really wonderful adventure. You can walk along the snowy hills with a friend to a distance of up to 150 square meters. For the safety of children, conditions for riding Snow Bullet vehicles have been set, which are:

  • The child must be over 8 years old.
  • The child’s weight is from 30 kg or more.
  • The length is from 120 cm and above.

Snow Cinema

Is there anything more fun than watching your favorite movie in the middle of a white garden with your favorite drink? Ski Dubai was able to bring the cinema in your hands; As it provided large screens with high capabilities to display the latest films in the cinema, and you can rent a coat, socks and headphones to watch movies in a better position.


One quite different popular activity at Ski Dubai is snowboarding; Where you can go to the top of the snowy hills by cable cars or walk with friends to enjoy the atmosphere around you, then use wooden sleds to ski on the snow, do not forget to make a snowman and take souvenir photos next to it, as it is one of the most enjoyable adventures.

coffee shops

You can take a break with family or friends in the cafes located in the largest snow park in Dubai; Where it provides you with all the delicious food and drinks you need, these cafes are covered with glass in all respects so that you can see the snow activities around you, and enjoy this wonderful view. Avalanche Café, North 28 and Salero are among the distinctive cafes located in the snowy park.

Features of Ski Dubai The snow park

Ski Dubai is like a city within a city that contains many advantages that made it the first destination for tourists when visiting Dubai. These features are explained to you in the following:

  • Multiple activities and facilities within this park suitable for all age groups.
  • The feeling of the snowy cold and the general atmosphere of the North Pole, which the citizens of Dubai do not feel due to the hot weather most of the time.
  • Spend quality time with your family in this wonderful place.
  • Professional trainers are located all over the place to help and advise when trying a particular activity.
  • Obtaining discount coupons and continuous offers, whether on ticket prices or internal activities.
  • It provides visitors with clothing and equipment suitable for the available activities.
  • There is a group of hotels near the place serving visitors.
  • A full team of paramedics is present inside the resort for emergencies.
  • Try different types of cuisine offered by cafes.

 Ski Dubai opening hours

Work begins in the snow park throughout the week, even on weekends and public holidays, to spend among its fun activities, and below we show you the dates in detail:

  • From Sunday to Thursday, it is open from ten in the morning until twelve after midnight.
  • On Friday and Saturday, it is open from nine in the morning until twelve after midnight.

Ski Dubai ticket prices

You can find out the prices of tickets for the snow resort in Dubai through the following lines:

  • Spending a full day inside the resort at a price of 300 dirhams for adults, and 240 dirhams for children.
  • The price of two hours of skiing on the ice slope is 150 dirhams for children.
  • A ticket to enter the snow city for adults is only two hours at a price of 180 dirhams.
  • The price of a Snow World ticket for adults is 150 AED.

 Sky Dubai offers

The snow park offers permanent offers on activity subscriptions within it and ticket prices for adults and children; Where you can take advantage of these offers shown below:

  • You can pay for the subscription of three people, and get the fourth subscription for free when using this code 4FOR3.

  • Get 4 lessons of snowboarding for only 600 AED when you activate the offer on the website.

  • There is a big discount on food in cafes when presenting the place’s bracelet.

  • If you are 21 years old or older, you can get a deep discount on drinks at Salero Café.

 How to book Ski Dubai tickets

You can book in two ways: either book in the Mall of the Emirates itself that contains this snow resort, or book online through the official website of the Mall of the Emirates from here.

Contact numbers for Ski Dubai

You can contact Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates to inquire about what you want through this number +97144094000.

How old is allowed to enter Ski Dubai?

Persons over the age of 14 are allowed to enter unaccompanied, but children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.