Riverland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

 Riverland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

Riverland Dubai is one of the cities of Dubai Parks and Resorts, and it is a cultural reflection of four different cities. Where each region embodies a period of time through the form of houses, streets, shops, and clothes. It guarantees the visitor the greatest amount of entertainment and is suitable for all family members.

The time journey begins from the fifties in America, then the medieval period in France, passing through the history of India and Indian culture. And finally, to the architectural style of the nineteenth century prevailing at the time.

Discover Riverland Dubai

Learn about Riverland Dubai and the most important entertainment and cultural activities it offers, and discover the most important offers, events and ticket prices, which are as follows:

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Activities in Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

Riverland Dubai is a different world and a new experience to go back in time to ancient times and enter more than one country to get to know its culture and learn about its life, in addition to it being supported by various means of entertainment, restaurants, cafes, and sessions.

Riverland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

Also, enjoy a river tour that you spend on wandering boats, which gives you the opportunity to see all the cities at once.

Wander around the live concerts, events and atmosphere of the island, which is designed in the style of architecture in the nineteenth century, breathe the air by walking around the island, and do not miss visiting the restaurants and cafes in The Peninsula overlooking the waters of the river.

Riverland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

Taste the Irish food that takes you on a trip to Europe, enjoy the musical atmosphere with the decorations that convey the Irish reality to you in Dubai, and cross through the bridges on the island to explore the rest of the cities.

Transfer in a flash to the fifties in America at the boardwalk area, and enjoy in this portal the entertainment of games, sessions, gift shops and restaurants that offer dishes from different countries.

Dine on grilled meat at the delicious Famous Davies Restaurant, and if you prefer pizza, there is 800 Degrees Restaurant. End the boardwalk tour at Tarsam Curiosities, an innovative store that sells intelligence-based games and provides solutions to facilitate lifestyle.

Riverland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

Celebrate with lively dances and acrobatic performances in an atmosphere that simulates the Indian Peninsula, along with the sculptures next to them that take hundreds of souvenir photos. And do not miss the opportunity to taste Indian food at the hands of specialized chefs, at Le Jagga and Maharaj Restaurant.

Enjoy relaxation and get physiotherapy services at Fit First Massage Center, which specializes in massage and joint pain treatment.

See up close the refined French village and craftsmanship of the 17th-century buildings. Including stone bridges and olive trees, you will also enjoy wandering the cobblestone streets. The French Village also features a Gallery One store that sells souvenirs of clothes, handicrafts, and more.

You can reserve a hall for private parties at The Anchor Event Hall, and you can also attend concerts of the most famous artists and musicians.

Address of Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai – UAE

Riverland dates dubai

Riverland Dubai is open daily from 10 am to 11 pm.

Riverland tickets prices dubai

Entrance to Riverland Dubai does not require paying any fees or booking tickets. Entrance is free for adults and children. The parking area for the area costs 20 dirhams.

Hotels near Riverland Dubai

Rove at the Park Hotel

The 3-star Rove At The Park Hotel is distinguished for providing good services for visitors, such as providing a free shuttle bus to Dubai parks and resorts, including Riverland Dubai. It also includes facilities to serve visitors such as a fitness center and an outdoor swimming pool.

Lapita Hotel

The 4-star Lapita Dubai Parks and Resorts Resort features Polynesian decorations, and is close to Dubai Parks and Resorts to take advantage of recreational activities. The resort is also supported by services and facilities to serve visitors.