Legoland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

 Legoland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

Legoland Dubai: Top Activities, Ticket Prices

Legoland Dubai is part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, an integrated world that provides all means of fun and entertainment for all family members. It consists of several sections and each section includes a different entertainment style, so it is a great opportunity to try new types of games.

Sections include driving cars for kids, discovering the sea world, electric games, puzzles, competitions, and many more. Also, Legoland is not limited to children only, but also allows adults to participate in the games.

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Learn about Legoland Dubai, the most important entertainment activities, game sections, working hours, address and ticket prices, which are as follows

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 Activities in Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai is not limited to entertainment only, but also adds useful games to develop the child’s skills in innovative ways, including providing him with Lego pieces from the factory section, directly after they leave the molding machines.

Give your child a lot of fun and entertainment that he will get by assembling LEGO pieces to form different shapes, and he will take them as a souvenir from the factory. You can also participate with your children in building a ship with Lego pieces and playing with it in the water.

Learn about the cultures of other countries and get the opportunity to see the sights in them through fairly large models and take pictures as if you were in their country, including the Kuwait Towers, the Egyptian pyramids, and Dubai landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, as well as other Emirates landmarks. These figures are characterized by meticulous craftsmanship, with small figures of people that represent their lives.

Enjoy the submarine journey and learn about different types of fish in the seas, through a submarine-like vehicle equipped with screens that display general information about this world of marine creatures, along with sound and movement effects that start when the vehicle stops.

Do not miss the great fun in the car park, which gives children a driver’s license and teaches them to drive on small LEGO cars, and children can also be helped in trying to extinguish the fire with water sprinklers.

Try more electric toys from planes and fun cars, and other motor games in the port department, fire department, police headquarters and many other experiences that release children’s energy.

Watch videos in LEGO Land 4D Studio with exciting 4D effects. Also, you have to enter into a challenge with your children in the adventure of the lost kingdom with laser weapons to shoot at sudden targets.

You will find great fun in water games such as sprinklers, building your own raft, and sailing with it in waterfalls and water parks that can accommodate adults and children. Also the slides that end with a swimming pool.

At the end of your tour, do not forget to try delicious meals from international and local restaurants to satisfy all tastes, in addition to a group of cafes.

You can stay in Lego Land for entertainment as the hotel’s mantel is also Lego-themed to perfectly match the city’s atmosphere.

Sections of Lego Land Dubai games

 The following are the sections of Lego Land games and the conditions imposed in each section:

Factory section

It is a section dedicated to installing Lego pieces inside the factory, and when the play is finished, the factory gives the Lego pieces made inside it to each child as a souvenir. The factory does not impose certain conditions.

Boat School

It gives children a fun opportunity to experience driving a small boat over a slow-moving waterway with a family member. The child must be one year or older, accompanied by an adult, provided that his height is not less than 129 cm.

Police Department

A closed area designed to simulate the atmosphere of the real police, including cars, prisons, and toys made of flexible Lego pieces for easy play


It is a submarine-shaped vehicle that takes you to see different types of fish with a screen to support you with simplified guide information. It is required that the child be at the age of one year or older, and his height is not less than 80 cm.

The lost kingdom

It is a great adventure that consists of a ride inside a vehicle equipped with laser guns and shooting at the target, which is gems and valuables. The child must be over a year old and not less than 90 cm in length, with the presence of an accompanying adult whose height ranges between 90 and 130 cm.

mini city

It is a place that displays the most famous tourist attractions of different countries through models that accurately depict landmarks and people’s lives in a wonderful work of art.

water park

An entire area dedicated to water games for children and adults, receiving children from the age of two years with accompanying persons.

Legoland dubai ticket prices

Below are the LEGOLAND Dubai ticket prices in UAE Dirhams:

  • Legoland Entrance Ticket: 295 per person, 330 per double / Annual Pass 395
  • Entrance ticket to the water city: 295 per person, 330 per two persons
  • Entrance ticket to Legoland and Waterpark for one day: 335 per person and 395 per double / Annual ticket 495
  • Child under 3 years old enter for free

 There is a discount when booking through the website from here

 Legoland dubai opening hours

It is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, while on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays it is open until 7 pm.

The water park is closed on Wednesdays

Legoland Dubai website

Legoland Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai