Excellent information of 7 Best Wild Wadi Dubai Parks

 Excellent information of 8 Best Wild Wadi Dubai Parks

Excellent information of 8 Best Wild Wadi Dubai Parks

Wild Wadi Dubai is one of the best water parks that contain multiple activities for tourists to enjoy. It is the largest water park that accommodates thousands of people daily, and millions of tourists come to it every year. It has all the necessary things to serve visitors.

Water games for adults and children, restaurants serving delicious food and fast food, various stores, luxury cabins, hotels near Wild Wadi Dubai at the service of visitors throughout the day, enjoy a unique experience in the largest water park, and discover its activities.

Discover Wild Wadi Dubai

Various activities enjoyed by people of different age groups, multiple facilities that serve all visitors, the most delicious food and drinks are found in the water park restaurants, it can be said that it is an excellent tourist attraction, so we discover together this wonderful water park and its activities in the coming lines.

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1. The most important 8 activities in the Wild Wadi Dubai park
2. Wild Wadi Dubai ticket prices
3. Tank rental rates
4. Water park offers in Dubai
5. Wild wadi dubai phone number
6.Dates of Wild Wadi Dubai
7. Hotels near Wild Wadi Dubai

The most important 8 activities in the Wild Wadi Dubai park

Wild Wadi Dubai is the best water park in Dubai, specifically in the Jumeirah area. As it is an entertainment place suitable for all age groups, and it contains many water games that increased the aesthetic view of the park, and created a wonderful atmosphere suitable for families, and below we show you the most important activities

Juha’s trip

Excellent information of 8 Best Wild Wadi Dubai Parks

It is a very long river, with a length of approximately 360 meters, specially designed to suit children and families. Where children spend long hours among water slides, water sprinklers and other games, this particular place in the water park has won the admiration of many visitors.

Gemera Skira

Excellent information of 8 Best Wild Wadi Dubai Parks

Do you like water adventures? Are you looking for a daring water game in Wild Wadi Dubai? Gemera Skira is your first choice in water games with the excitement and suspense of what is happening in you!.

A fast water slide, with a speed of 80 km per hour, and a height of 120 meters, a closed ride in the water slide in which you can almost hold your breath from the impact that awaits you in the water, it is a truly daring experience that is suitable for adults only.

Tantrum Alley

Excellent information of 8 Best Wild Wadi Dubai Parks

One of the most fun water games suitable for families or friends, as it is a large air tube on which 4 people sit holding in the holders of these tubes that dive into a large water slide wrapped around each other, so that people can enjoy the waves and artificial water tornadoes.


Excellent information of 8 Best Wild Wadi Dubai Parks

One of the fun water games is the large water pools with artificial water for easy surfing. This adventure, which is popular with adults and children, is available in the largest water park in Dubai.

Rent a luxury cabin

Relaxing and feeling a little calm is essential after spending a fun day in water games. Wild Wadi Dubai provides you with luxurious cabins along the lazy river overlooking attractive landscapes that give a feeling of comfort and refreshment at the same time, far from the noise and bustle of other water games areas.


The water park contains many restaurants spread throughout, serving delicious fast food such as pizza, hot dogs, burgers, and all children’s favorite foods, in addition to ice cream and dessert. Below we show you the best restaurants in Wild Wadi:

Rib Tide Pizza Restaurant

From this restaurant, you will taste the most delicious type of pizza in all of Dubai, professionally made from exquisite ingredients. Children go to it, especially throughout their stay in the water park. The working hours of the delicacy start from 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday every a week.

Gulshan’s Burger & Burger Restaurant

This restaurant excels in making fast food; Where you can taste shawarma, burgers, grills and many other favorite items, work in the restaurant starts from ten in the morning until six in the evening from Tuesday to Sunday every week.

Fish Spa

The water park follows a modern foot therapy theme; Where it provides a place designated for removing dead skin cells in the feet, and exfoliates it with small fish. The cost of entering the Vishu Spa is only 35 AED for twenty minutes of wonderful treatment sessions.

Various stores

Dubai water parks have provided various stores inside so that visitors do not lack anything for swimming purposes, accessories or souvenirs. You can buy from these stores at reasonable prices, and they are located in the entire park

Wild Wadi Dubai ticket prices

The price of entering Wadi Dubai depends on the height of the individuals, but children under two years of age enter for free, and you can buy tickets for the water park in Dubai through two methods, which we will explain in the following:

The first method: online

You can book through the official Gemera website from here, and the prices are as follows:

  • Individuals over 1 meter in height pay 259 AED.
  • Individuals whose height is less than 1 meter pay 119 AED.

 The second way: from the main gate

If you do not prefer to book online, you can book upon arrival at the main gate, and the prices at that time are as follows:

  • Individuals over 1 meter tall pay 269 AED.
  • Individuals whose height is less than 1 meter pay 239 AED.

Tank rental rates

You can rent a locker to put your things in before entering the water park, and the locker prices are as follows:

  • Large size is priced at 69 AED.
  • Medium size is priced at 49 AED.
  • Small size is priced at 39 AED.

Water park offers in Dubai

The water park in Dubai offers offers on ticket prices, especially for credit card holders; Where they get discounts of up to 25% in addition to a big discount on more than one game inside the park, this offer is valid from today’s date until December 31, 2023.

Wild wadi dubai phone number

You can contact the water park management through this number: 043484444.

Dates of Wild Wadi Dubai

The working hours of the water parks start daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

 Hotels near Wild Wadi Dubai

It would be better to stay in one of the hotels near the water park for easy access to it from time to time, and these hotels provide distinguished services to their visitors, and we get to know them as follows:

Burj Al Arab Hotel

This hotel is 1.7 meters away from the water parks in the Jumeirah area. It is one of the best hotels in Dubai at all. It offers 5-star service, rooms are equipped at the highest level, wonderful views that are popular with visitors, and it received high ratings from Arab visitors.