13 Popular places in London you must visit with Family

 13 Popular places in London you must visit with Family

London, one of the largest metropolises in the world, is a city full of surprises, fast but especially showing its calmness with its natural beauties. Among the places to visit in London, there are many high points of attraction that attract tourists.

It is a great benefit to first prepare a list in order to visit London, the capital of England, with due diligence. From its delightful parks to world-renowned musicals, from its museums, many of which are free, to its wonderful panoramic cityscapes, an amazing journey of discovery awaits in the city.

In this article, I have prepared a list of must-see places and shared a lot of information that London travelers can benefit from.
1.Big Ben & Palace of Westminster

When you hear the name of England, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind, like many others, is the world-iconic Big Ben clock. The four-sided clock (the second largest in the world) right next to the Palace of Westminster attracts attention with its Neo-Gothic style.
Big Ben, designed by Augustus Pugin, was actually the name of the bell on the clock, but over time it started to be used as the name of the entire structure. Big Ben was played for the first time in 1859, so its history dates back to the 19th century.
The clock tower, which you can climb 334 steps, is 96 meters high. The fact that Big Ben is a symbol of British culture allows you to see the building in almost all London-themed movies.
Starting from Big Ben, I will of course mention the Palace of Westminster. The Palace of Westminster, one of the most symbolic places in England with its majesty on the banks of the Thames, is now the parliament building.
The architecture of the palace, which has faced many fires and destructions in its history, immediately draws attention to the impressiveness of the gothic style you.
The palace, which has faced fire and destruction many times in its history, was redesigned (by Charles Barry) towards the end of the 19th century. Since the 1100-room palace is one of the world-famous symbols of London, I recommend that you go to the city and do not return without visiting this place.
2. London Eye

Would you like to see one of the popular symbols of London that has become famous all over the world? Moreover, when you go here, you will experience one of the most striking moments of your trip, accompanied by a wonderful view of London. Next on the list of places to visit in London is the London Eye!
The London Eye is a huge Ferris wheel. It is also designed as an observation wheel, which is the 3rd largest structure in the world in this area. The London Eye has received more than 85 awards so far, as it is also considered a complete architectural and engineering achievement.
When you get on the Ferris wheel, you experience the excitement of slowly rising from the River Thames, while London’s skyline is getting more and more beautiful. The highest point of the Ferris wheel is 135 meters and when the wheel stops at this point, an unforgettable London experience awaits you.
3. British Museum

There are world-class museums among the must-see places in London. The British Museum is also known as one of the museums of great importance both in the world and in London and hosts more than 6 million visitors annually.
The British Museum is founded on human history, culture and art; It is a museum that houses more than 8 million artifacts collected from all over the world. Although it is not possible to visit the museum completely in a short time, you can turn to the sections closer to your interests by dividing the collections into categories.
Well, which collections do you have the chance to see and examine in the museum? Among the most prominent collections at the British Museum are those with the themes of animals, Americas, China, Death/Memory, Africa, Love/Personality/Desire, and Egypt.
There are also more than 60 exhibits that you can visit for free at the museum, and fascinating stories about those who collect the collections. At the British Museum, it is possible to go back centuries and embark on a historical journey that covers almost every continent of the world.
4. Buckingham Palace

One of the most important places for England and the British people is Buckingham Palace. The palace, which was originally built specifically for the duke of Buckingham, turned into a royal palace after Queen Victoria ascended the throne. (1837)
Located in the District of Westminster, Buckingham Palace is currently used for many official ceremonies, visits, parades and events. Since Queen Elizabeth II also lives in this palace, Buckingham visits can only be made when she is not in the palace.
There are 775 rooms in total in the palace; 19 of them are open to visitors. The palace, which hosts millions of visitors from all over the world, also has a very interesting exhibition.
This exhibition shows the clothes worn by the queen. If you are also interested in the royal family, you can add Buckingham Palace to your list of places to visit in London.
5. Hyde Park

The royal parks of England are among the most important features of the city. The biggest of the English parks, which has been the subject of many movies, TV series and novels, is Hyde Park!
Hyde Park is as important to London as Central Park is to New York. Surrounded by lush parks half of its area, London is a world-renowned metropolis for its parks. Areas such as Hyde Park, located in the center of such a fast and busy city, provide a full discharge opportunity.
Hyde Park was first arranged as a hunting ground for kings, but in the 17th century it was opened to the public.
It is possible to swim in the Serpentine Lake in the park; You can also perform many activities such as sunbathing, picnicking, walking, cycling, canoeing, skating in Hyde Park.
The region is also very active in terms of concerts, festivals and various events. Hyde Park, which also has restaurants and cafes, is one of the most visited places in London!
6. Tower of London

The Tower of London, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, draws attention as one of the most interesting structures in the city. Although it is stated that the history of the tower dates back to the 1000s, there are also claims that the structure dates back to much earlier periods.
One of the most beautiful places you can go when you take a tour in the center of the city, the Tower of London overlooks the River Thames.
This tower has witnessed many events throughout its history dating back centuries. It may surprise you that the uses of the tower are so variable, because this structure can be used as a palace, zoo, prison, observatory, torture place, castle, etc. used as.
The Tower of London is also one of the most impressive architectural examples in the world, and many travelers visit this historical building every year. The rectangular White Tower section is very popular.
7. Tower Bridge

Another of the most popular symbols of the city among the places to visit in London is Tower Bridge. The bridge has a great significance in the history of London. The two sides of the city were connected by this bridge.
While Tower Bridge rises above the River Thames in all its glory, pedestrians can walk on the bridge with the view of the river and London. In the meantime, you can visit the exhibitions on the towers of the bridge that provide information about the building.
While there are two parallel pedestrian paths in the upper part of the bridge, there is a vehicle road in the lower part. Tower Bridge consists of two towers connecting these roads. Because it is collapsible, large sea vehicles also have the opportunity to pass.
In addition, you should definitely see Tower Bridge, which is among the unique and impressive structures with its design and architecture.
8. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is the largest and central square in the city with its statues, monuments and fountains. The square, which is often the scene of protests and celebrations, is also extremely close to many parts of London. It is possible to reach many touristic attractions in a short time from this square.
The National Gallery and Nelson’s Column in the square, which has been of great importance for London since the 13th century, are among the places you can visit while you are here. Trafalgar Square, which is also the center of buses, is also very famous on Christmas days!
Especially the pine tree placed in the middle of the square during this period creates a wonderful ambiance.
9. Piccadilly Circus

While I’m talking about London’s squares, I would like to introduce one of the other busiest and dynamic places in the city: Piccadilly Circus.
This is an energetic, lively and lively area for travelers who want to make a list of places to visit in London. With a history dating back to 1819, the square is the junction of Piccadilly, Regent and Shaftesbury Streets.
Of course, I can say that your shopping opportunities in such a dynamic and crowded square are very diverse. If you want to be involved in the fun moments of London, Piccadilly Circus is very inviting with its bars, cafes and restaurants and neon signs.
You should definitely see the Eros Fountain in the middle of the square; This fountain, which attracts great attention from tourists, is located between Piccadilly Circus and the aforementioned structures.
10. St. Paul’s Cathedral

The place where Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married, St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. The Anglican cathedral is also of great importance as it is the church of the London bishopric.
Portland stone was used in the construction of the cathedral, which was built in the 17th century on one of the highest places in London (Ludgate Hill). Having an impressive architectural design, if not very ostentatious, St. Paul’s Cathedral carries the style of the Renaissance period.
st. If you decide to go to St. Paul’s Cathedral, I think you should also stop by the Whisper Gallery in the dome. When you whisper on the walls of the gallery, the people behind the wall can hear what you are saying. In addition, from this point, you have the chance to look inside the cathedral from above.
The cathedral also includes the Stone Gallery, the Gold Gallery and the choir chamber. The West Facade and the Towers are the main façade of the cathedral. Giant towers with a height of 9 meters and religious motifs greet visitors with their dazzling elements.
11. Oxford Street

Oxford Street, the busiest shopping street not only in London but also in Europe, is a center where you can come across more than 300 shops and stores.
Oxford Street, located in Westminster in the west of London, stands out among the popular places to see in London.
Oxford Street, approximately 2 km long, stretches between Marble Acht and Park Lane. The style of the buildings on the street, where you can find traces of the Roman period, also draws attention. Oxford Street, which has undergone major changes in its structure since the 19th century, is now one of the most luxurious shopping centers in London and Europe.
You can also add Oxford Street, where you can find live music venues, to your list of places to visit in London.
12. Westminster Abbey

On the list of places to visit in London, there is Westminster Abbey, located just west of the Palace of Westminster. Westminster Abbey, one of the most magnificent buildings in the city, fascinates most travelers with its gothic style architecture.
Although Westminster Abbey, which was built in 1269, was used as a monastery and cathedral in its history, it later gained the status of a religious structure under the kings of England. For this reason, it often hosted the marriage and coronation ceremonies of kings.
There are also the tombs of nearly thirty monarchs in Westminster Abbey. At the same time, there are graves of important personalities such as Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin. If you go to Westminster Abbey, you can also get the chance to see some valuables and exhibits belonging to members of the royal family.
13. Covent Garden Market

One of the best places to sell fresh fruit and vegetables, Covent Garden Market is one of London’s famous markets.
Covent Garden Market also meets the expectations of travelers who want to return from London with souvenirs for themselves or their loved ones.
You can also find handcrafted products that you may love at Covent Garden Market, which is frequently flocked by locals. There are also places to eat and drink.
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