11 Most beautiful beaches in the world for Tourism

 11 Most beautiful beaches in the world for Tourism


Time is really tight for the majority who work all year long and try to fit all the joy and beauty of life into a short vacation. The last life-saving move of those who want to travel to the fullest on the one hand and protect their budget on the other is; make a reservation as early as possible where they want to go. As such; Especially when the spring months appear on the calendar, it is necessary to decide on the summer vacation without delay.

Dreams are more or less the same for everyone; No one can say no to hot sands, cool waters, sweet breezes, books read under the shade of umbrellas, and hot coffee that can be enjoyed without interruption. Of course, it would be appropriate to join an entertainment like this in the evenings.

But tell me, where exactly is the excitement of traveling to the same holiday destination on the same days every year? As mortals with limited budgets; Don’t you think we should make better use of the chance of a sea holiday that we have at most a few times a year?
Now, if you take a cool fruit cocktail with you and start to feel the fresh summer breeze in your room; Now we can explore the most beautiful beaches in the world together.

1.Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean

The island community, which sends greetings to the with its name, is actually called by this name because of a cactus variety that grows on its borders. Except that the shape of the cactus resembles the fez worn in the past, this place unfortunately has no connection with  and is quite far from our country.
The archipelago group, which is essentially part of the British Overseas Territories, has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world at its confluence with the North Atlantic Ocean. It would not be a lie to say that Grace Bay is the star of the whole list. Those who see Grace Bay never fail to declare it “the most beautiful place in the world”.
With its unique location in the Caribbean, Grace Bay; The most beautiful and rarest meeting point of Provo Island with the sea.
For a moment, you can visualize the turquoise waters spreading over the white sands with all their clarity. Thanks to its glass-like sea cleanliness and sheltered state, it can also make you feel like a swimming pool.
Fine sand beach that you can visit at any time of the year; It has luxury houses, expensive hotels, restaurants and bars in its immediate vicinity.
The local people and the people working in the area are very kind and helpful.
It is worth noting that September and October are unfortunately risky in terms of storms. During this period, even among the islanders, there are those who leave the region. Other times of the year are suitable for visits in every respect.
The language spoken on the island is English, so if you know English, you do not have much difficulty in communication.
The US dollar is used as the currency.
Casinos have an important place in night entertainment.
We can say with certainty from the very beginning that island life is expensive. There are not many options here, such as public transportation or cheap hostels. You have to be subject to the choices and pricing of the islanders.
Transportation is mostly provided by plane via the United States or Canada. The flight distance between Miami and the islands is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Therefore, you will definitely need to evaluate foreign airline companies at the ticket stage.
For those who can spare the budget and time; Grace Bay is definitely an experience that adds value to life.
2.Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra Island, east of Puerto Rico, has another legendary island beach. This place is also located right next to the national park on the island.
The beach, originally known as Flamenco Beach; Thanks to the cleanliness and clarity of the sea water, it fascinates the visitors. Especially scuba diving enthusiasts; You should definitely experience the pleasure of watching the glassy waters and the population of creatures under the sea closely.
The sand cover on the beach has a pure white color, as in Grace Bay in the Caribbean.
The island, which is also the address of weekend getaways for those in the region, can be reached by a reasonable ferry ride. The houses surrounded by palm trees are definitely worth seeing and even experiencing.
You also have the opportunity to camp on the island. If you like to be in touch with nature; Be sure to check out Flamenco Beach, one of the most important tourist attractions of Puerto Rico, famous for its rainforests.
You must have an American visa to enter the country. Since it is not possible to fly directly to the country via all over world; flights are only possible with a connecting flight from the United States.
3.Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Philippines

El Nido, the most beautiful town of Palawan Island in the Philippines; It is one of the places that most deserves the definition of “heaven on earth”.
The town, located in the north of the island, also deserves to be a paradise in another way: to reach here; It is not easy, neither financially nor spiritually!
In addition to the high flight fees you have to spend; In order to transfer from the center of the Philippines to El Nido, you should either use a plane or continue on your way by plane first and then by minivan. Nacpan Beach; it appears right in front of you as a result of these arduous roads.
There is no traffic or noise in this part of the island. All the ephemeral things that can bother you are now far away.
Let us warn you in advance that you may encounter precipitation in October and November. The driest season for the Philippines is between February and April. December and January can also be considered safe for travel in terms of climate. If you do not want to take risks; Here you must act according to the weather conditions.
The lush forest areas around the beach are different, and the different shades of blue appearing on the sea are beautiful. This must be what they say is indescribable. The sunset you will watch here can easily take its place among your most beautiful travel experiences.
Be sure to open your eyes and ears to the interesting lifestyle of the locals. Especially if you are interested in the art of photography; Nacpan and its surroundings will offer you both magnificent portraits and beautiful nature scenes.
4. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

There is a natural heritage that is pointed out not only for the continent of Australia, but also for the whole world.
The 7-kilometer-long beach has been awarded the title of “the best beach in the world” many times in the lists of different magazines and social media.
Getting off the cruise ships and setting foot on the soft sands of the island is an unforgettable experience for all tourists. In addition to transit ship tours, daily tours are also organized to reach the island.
There are even whales among the sea creatures that can accompany you during your pleasant journey on the ocean! For this reason, it is recommended to keep your eyes peeled on the Whitehaven roads.
Small tents are offered to tourists to protect themselves from the heat on the beach.
If you are in Whitsunday Island during a special period for your relationship such as honeymoon; Don’t you think it’s a good idea to organize a beach picnic with your loved one here?
Especially between December and March, when there are dark winter conditions in every corner of Turkey, it is definitely a good decision to turn the route to this white paradise where the summer season is experienced.
5.One Foot Island, Cook Islands, Australia

You have the chance to see another wonder of the world while you’ve been to the Australian continent at one end of the world. One Foot Island is a sea holiday destination in the Cook Islands of Australia. The Aitutaki Lagoon on the island is a particularly remarkable natural wonder.
This place has already been discovered by honeymooners who are considered beach hunters. It is not a dream to stay in bungalows on the island and wake up to a breathtaking beauty every morning.
Beaches have what you want from a beach. Peace, sea, sun, wave sounds, bird sounds, for example… You should be prepared to isolate yourself from the outside world on these islands, where the majority of the people do not even use mobile phones.
As your journey is to one of the farthest corners of the world; takes about 25 hours and requires 2 transfers.
Although it is possible to gain some advantage with early purchase in prices; A sea vacation here is still worth a small fortune. At the end of the day, you can get your money’s worth with a tan in the middle of winter.
6. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii, USA

We can say that the different oceans in the world combine with the warm sand layers to form the most beautiful beaches. An example of this is from Hawaii, whose name has become a household name on a beach holiday.
Lanikai Beach in the United States; It has an area protected by coral reefs.
Despite all the popularity of the state of Hawaii, which consists of 18 islets, the beach here is a piece of nature that can be considered “untouched”.
This place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean can be preferred especially for a romantic holiday. Of course, Lanikai is among the locations where honeymooners like to sunbathe the most.
As an interesting information; Let us note here that accommodation options for couples seeking halal holidays are also located around Hawaii.
In particular, your preference is not only nature; If you are in favor of eating, drinking and shopping experience, we can easily say that you have made a successful exotic choice.
7. Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles

As it is easily understood from the first row of the list; The island beaches are definitely the most beautiful in the world. I guess the relief of being on the island has some effect on this perception!
Even time flows differently in island life, moving at a slower pace than seconds and minutes do. For example, in Seychelles, you can enjoy getting rid of the chaos, traffic and hustle and bustle of city life; On the other hand, you can raise your glass to the cool sands of Anse Lazio.
Among the 115 Seychelles islands in total, this beach is an address that is pointed out by the fingers. White sands, palm trees and clear sea are at work again.
One of the most different experiences you can have on the island is; undoubtedly having a romantic meal at the tables thrown on the sand. The number of venues is not many, but sufficient.
Let us remind you that when it comes to an island by the ocean, unwanted guests such as sharks can knock on the door. However, with the effect of today’s tourism potential, the beach has been made as safe as possible.
From here, you can make daily trips to the surrounding islands with tiny boats. It is still useful to be cautious during sea travels and to act with the known agencies of the region.
8. Coral Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora Island, an overseas territory of France; a natural beauty that is already legendary.
Coral Beach, also known as Matira Beach, can be considered the most beautiful spot on the island. Located in the South Pacific, the holiday destination manages to attract visitors of all ages.
You should definitely place the blue heaven, whose story of discovery by James Cook dates back to the 1700s, on your “to do before you die” list. This place can also be referred to as the “Pearl of the Pacific” on different platforms.
Let’s be warned that a rainy climate can be seen between November and March. Still, Bora Bora Island is a safer area in terms of storms, monsoons or tornadoes than other ocean settlements.
Since Bora Bora is a French territory, the conditions of this country are also valid in the visa application. The closest airport to the island is in Papeete, the capital of the neighboring island of Tahiti. From here you can use a speedboat, a boat or a seaplane.
In addition to swimming in the blue waters and sprawling on the sand, even finding yourself in France located in the middle of the ocean can be an interesting experience in itself.
9.Mar del Plata Beaches, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Who can say no to a little Argentinian fever? Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Mar del Plata has the most remarkable beaches of the country, famous for its tango. The beaches called Grande, Varese and Iglesia are each more beautiful than the other.
Of course, you run the risk of encountering considerable crowds on this beach during the summer period.
You can rent umbrellas or sun loungers daily on the beaches in Mar del Plata.
let’s add the beaches called Mogotes and Serana in the same settlement to the list as alternatives with less crowd in this regard.
In the settlement of Mar del Plata, located in the southeast of the country, the number of places to visit is also quite high. If you want to sunbathe to the fullest while taking cultural and artistic tours without leaving the city life, this beach is for you.
When you come to Mar del Plata, seeing the stadium that hosted the legendary World Cup in 1978 can be noted as a nice detail that can attract the attention of football lovers.
10. Cocoa Island, Maafushi, Maldives

Even young children now know that Maldives is one of the best in the world when it comes to sea holidays. What can we say, thanks to the honeymooners who never get tired of sharing photos!
But where is the best place to swim in the Maldives? 
The island, which is only 40 minutes away by speedboat after Male International Airport in the capital of Maldives, also hosts one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. A healing resource awaits you here, where you can consider options such as treatment programs, yoga classes or a library setting. Just think, what a different holiday option after the ordinary beaches where the club music is always ringing in the ears.
In addition, you can meet or say goodbye to the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A person who does meditative work may lose his mind in the face of the beauty and simplicity of nature here.
Not having a visa in the Maldives is a big advantage; however, do not expect any other advantage in terms of prices, especially in Cocoa Island. The biggest benefit of making large payments here is getting away from the crazy crowds in the cities. This holiday, which not everyone can afford easily; it may return to you as inner peace and tranquility.
11. Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan, Mugla

In the middle of the list, wouldn’t a 100% native nature heritage look beautiful? Iztuzu Beach, located in Dalyan district of Muğla province; It is also the only home of the Caretta Caretta turtles, which are in danger of extinction. This beach continues to host many nature lovers from both Turkey and the world every year.
In addition to the velvety softness of its sands and the clarity of its sea; Iztuzu’s wide face measurement, which stretches as far as the eye can see, is also quite remarkable.
There are not many facilities here as there is protection due to nature cover around the beach. There is also a restriction on beach visits during special periods for turtles.
We can state that many hotels in the vicinity provide shuttle service to the beach.
To reach Dalyan by plane; You can choose the airport in Dalaman as the closest option. There is a significant increase in the flights organized by both private companies, especially in the summer period.