The 14 best beaches in the Arab world

The 14 best beaches in the Arab world 

 The most beautiful Arab beaches: Learn about the best and most amazing beaches in the Arab world

Arab country, from its east to its west, is filled with picturesque beaches that match the splendor and beauty of the world’s beaches. What are the most beautiful Arab beaches that you can visit?

Many countries in the Arab world have many beaches that extend from the borders of Asia, through the vast oceans and lakes, the Red Sea, and all the way to Africa. The most beautiful Arab beaches are distributed among a number of countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and other countries. Therefore, we advise you, before packing your bag, to get acquainted with the most beautiful and wonderful Arabian beaches.

1- The Dead Sea in Jordan

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Arab world and one of the best in Asia. The Dead Sea is basically a lake characterized by its salty, mineral-rich water, which helps visitors float easily. Moreover, it is located at an altitude of 400 meters below sea level, which makes it the lowest point of a beach on land.

 2- The cliffs of La Marsa, Algeria

The gray cliffs of La Marsa Beach in Algeria form the backbone of a picturesque sandbar. The frothy white waves crashing against these rocks are home to rich marine life. It should be noted that this area is suitable for swimming, canoeing and even snorkeling.

3- One of the most beautiful Arab beaches is Al-Fazzaa in Amman

Salalah is famous for its banana plantations, its waters rich in marine life, and of course the stunning beaches of the Arabian Sea. It is the ideal destination for lovers of beaches and landscapes of green mountains and waterfalls

Al Fazaa Beach is one of the most beautiful Arab beaches. It is located at the end of a steep dirt road. After an adventurous ride through the mountains, you will reach a dirt road that leads to 5 kilometers of pristine white sands embraced by the turquoise blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

4- Sharm El Luli Beach in Egypt

Perhaps what distinguishes Sharm El Luli Beach is that it is not fully developed, as there are no shops, hotels, or restaurants to distract you from its natural beauty. It features bright yellow sands and blue-tinged waters, along with distinctive rock formations, shallow warm waters and vast coral reefs where you can go snorkeling.

 5- One of the most beautiful Arab beaches is the Blue Hole in Egypt

 Dahab is famous for its Blue Hole beach, a 110-meter diving site that attracts adventurous travelers from all over the world and is one of the world’s premier diving sites.

 Located on the Gulf of Aqaba, it is rich in coral reefs and has rich marine life. Besides diving, you can go windsurfing and enjoy the golden sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere dating back to the indigenous Bedouin tribes who have lived here for 800 years.

 6- Djerba Beach in Tunisia

 Vibrant marine life embraces the silver sands on the beach of Djerba Island in Tunisia, with constant water temperature throughout the year along with stunning scenery, giving visitors an unforgettable experience. When exploring or diving into the refreshing waters, visitors will learn what Tunisia’s marine ecosystem is like. In short, everything on this island will give you the feeling that you are living as Peter Pan.

 7- Gulf of Fjord in Egypt

 Located in Taba, Egypt, Fjord Bay is a crystal blue gem surrounded by harsh and beautiful desert. 15 km away from any city is the bay which is home to some of the best diving sites in the world. Dive 12 meters to the banana coral reef or dive 24 meters to the Fjord to admire thousands of unique sea creatures.

 8- Legzira Beach in Morocco is one of the most beautiful Arab beaches

 This stretch of beach, which is located ten kilometers from Sidi Ifni, is considered one of the most beautiful Arab beaches. It takes time travelers back to a pristine land that has yet to be explored by humans. Perhaps what distinguishes this beach is the rocky arches extending from the cliffs to the sea, which were formed by erosion factors and tidal phenomena. The view of the sunset at Legzira Beach is one of the most important things that you should not miss, and the waves are ideal for 

 9- Agiba beach in Egypt

 Agiba Beach retains the cultural essence of Egypt and is located on the Mediterranean Sea in Marsa Matruh, just a few meters from Cleopatra’s Rock. Stand on the famous rock and look at the water as Cleopatra did 2000 years ago.

 10- Fanateer Beach in Saudi Arabia

 Fanateer Beach is the most popular coastal center in the region. Enjoy the view of palm trees lining the beach, or go to the many green spaces perfect for family picnics or barbecues. Moreover, you can practice many water sports, or head to the many shops, malls, hotels, restaurants, and cafes located near it.

 11- Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

 Jumeirah Beach is characterized by turquoise waters and vast stretches of sand. The site also has beaches equipped with sports fields and places for barbeque, in addition to restaurants, clubs and parking lots.

 12- Anfeh in Lebanon is one of the most beautiful Arab beaches

 The locals called this quaint village “Little Santorini,” after the Greek Santorini. This is mostly due to its white and blue houses surrounded by crystal clear waters.

 The beach is a popular destination for sunbathing and sitting at beachside cafes. If you decide to visit Anfeh Beach, we advise you to try fresh seafood.

 13- Tire Beach in Lebanon

 Tire is a quiet beach town on the southern coast of Lebanon. It was once a powerful Phoenician city and then was occupied by the Greeks and later by the Romans, and was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1984. Today, divers can explore the sunken ruins of Roman cities, as well as enjoy the crystal clear waters that are among the cleanest and purest. water in the country.

 14- Kite Beach in Dubai

 For those looking for an urban beach experience, Dubai’s Kite Beach is a great destination for families. It allows you to enjoy many water sports including windsurfing, water skiing and canoeing. Moreover, you can practice volleyball, jogging or even cycling as well as enjoying the many food carts and cafes.